Monday, November 22, 2010

Playing Catch-Up! Achievements, Levels, Gods, and more...

Been quite a long while since I posted here, mostly because I've been "not playing" more than playing of late due to real life.

Seem to be back in playing mode again, though nowhere near the way I used to. Still, it's enough that I at least feel like an active player again. :P

No way I can catch up on everything, but summarizing can be done...


Tutorial completed, Church donator, Alchemist, Big belly

4 of the possible 9 so far.

The missing ones:
1) Armorer - Slowly working on this one, breaking the gear as I can. I don't PK or PVP so relying on chims and clops to break this stuff.

2) Child of Stars - The manufacturing tutorial. I want to get at least 10 more manu levels before attempting this. As well, possibly switch to the manu god.

3) Crafter - The crafting tutorial. Similar to the manu one, I want some more levels first, and possibly even the god.

4) Potioner - The potioning tutorial. I could very easily do this one, but I'm going to wait until I switch to the potioning goddess (see Gods below).

5) Vanquisher - Novac fighting tutorial. Almost done. Only need to kill the final ice dragon. I want to get my Archery AP up to 60 first though. It's currently at 30 so half-way there.


Still have Engineering, Alchemy, and Defense gods from when I last posted.

At this time I have no plans to change them. If I get heavily into crafting or manu I may switch the Defense god to do that, but for now I'm attempting to focus on the Alch and Eng skills, as those gods were quite expensive to get.

No thoughts on when I'll drop Alchemy god. I want to get a lot more levels in that skill, and at Alch 120 already, the levels are very slow to get, even with the god bonus.

Engineering god... I want to at the minimum reach Eng 80 before letting go of him. Though I'm more keen on getting it to being another 100+ skill so will likely keep him through that.

Leveling and Skills

There's been a bit of it since I last wrote. I won't post all the details, but I've updated my levels and stats to the right of the page.

Attack/Defense - I haven't been focusing on this. I do the dailies as much as possible, and kick chims when I need a break from mixing.

Harvesting - No focus on this at all. I harvest what I need and that eventually brings a level with it.

Alchemy - Heavy focus. Been mixing tons of HEs and EnEs both for personal use and selling on my bot. Plan to continue doing this. Mixing bars as well as needed, and have even done a few more hydro runs.

Magic - No focus on this. I heal and teleport a lot, but have made no real effort to level this.

Potion - I mix what I need (SRs, extracts, and creature food mostly) but no focus for now. I plan to heavily hit this once I'm ready to drop the Eng god and replace with the Pot goddess.

Summoning - Not touching this at all for now. Too much else to do. If I get bored I may go mix some stones at some point, as mixing those at the gypsum brings back some gypsum with me, which I can always use for potioning.

Manufacturing - Looking at doing more of this, to get the levels needed to do the tutorial. So... minor focus. Mostly manu-ing stuff for the daily quest though.

Crafting - As needed. Trying to mix my own supplies, so mostly Naralik/Glacmor/EVTR rings and the ring/polished stones needed for those.

Engineering - Heavy, heavy focus. If it's makeable and doesn't require a rare item, I'm doing it. Doing the Eng daily regularly as well, mixing my own items for that.

Tailoring - Minor focus. My only "under 40" skill, and that annoys me. ;) So I'm mixing blue dyes as I have the money/ingredients to do so.

Ranging - No focus. If I'm online for a double exp ranging day, I'll do a mule-load of bolts at the arena though.

Near-Future Goals

1- Engineering, and a motherload of it. As much as I can afford it.

2- Alchemy, and a motherload of it. Easily affordable...

3- GC to buy the last 30 Archery AP potions needed, then finish the Novac quest.

4- GC to buy gear to break for the Armorer achievement.

5- GC to buy books and continue reading. 310 of 366 done at this point.

Latest Levels

Can't post every one I've screenied or this entry would be a few miles long. Here's the latest and most notable ones...

November 10

You advanced to level 104 of harvesting!

Harvest Level 104

November 14

You advanced to level 120 of alchemy!

Alchemy Level 120

November 15

You advanced to level 73 of magic!

Magic Level 73

November 16 (1)

You advanced to level 69 of crafting!

Crafting Level 69

November 16 (2)

Your overall level is now 147!

Overall Level 147

November 19

You advanced to level 60 of engineering!

Engineering Level 60

November 20

You advanced to level 116 of attack!

Attack Level 116

November 21

You advanced to level 117 of defense!

Defense Level 117