Monday, November 17, 2014

Not-Quite Gameplay Pause...

Not really sure what to call this.

I currently go in the game in the mornings to do my dailies, then log back out.

But I'm also not away from the game just from logging out, as I've been spending a lot of what free time I have working on the maps.

So... I'm in EL but not in EL at the same time. I log in randomly at other times, but that's normally just to check something live on a map that may need fixing, or discuss something with a dev.

Thus no real updates here for the time being, as I'm not really playing, and what I am doing I can't discuss.

Nothing more than I've been heavily scanning every single map, fixing the multitude of walkable tile issues throughout each, and probably still missing a lot. But the maps should definitely be improved from this, making them much easier to click around to move without so many unwalkable locations that you'd click on and it wouldn't start you moving.

And other random fixes of the maps.

And both Acelon and I have been building some new places. That's the part I can't talk about, what they are... just some "new places" will be coming.

When's the release? We still don't have a set date on that. The maps will need to be tested, and the stuff we're working on finished. I'm hoping we'll see the testing phase by the start of December, but that's just a hope.

Meanwhile, as long as there's others still unfinished, I'll continue working on fixing stuff, and if I see there's time build new stuff. So the waiting won't be completely in vain, heh.

Personally just looking forward to the testing phase, to see how all the new stuff turns out when viewed live in the game. Can only get so much of a feel of it from the map editor.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

No More Guild Maps...

Up until now, I'd been posting my travels through many guild maps that I'd found. All were found through my own hunting, only one actually being told to me (and well, most everyone knew about certain easy-to-find ones).

There were quite a few more that I knew about but just hadn't written up. In fact, only about 6 or so that I hadn't found.

A change has happened now though, as I've been included in the mapmaking process preparing for the coming client release. With that, I've been given access to everything map-wise, which means I have direct access to knowledge of the entrances and how to get around all these maps that I didn't have until now.

And with that knowledge, any further posting of guild maps, even for the ones I already knew, could be construed as abuse of that new knowledge.

So while the days of doing guild map explorations are over for me, good news comes with it in that I'm now able to assist in both cleaning up the maps to make them better, and add new stuff and locations for the next release.

(No, I can't say what... hehe.)

And I think that's probably the best reason possible to end my exploration entries.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

900 Pears, 173 OAs, and Other Big Numbers

Since last update, I added a 15th guild map exploration (this time Ozu!) and as well did a bit of humor by turning generic well-known meme images into Eternal Lands silliness (Ran-dumb EL Memes).

900 Pears Found

A nice, round number to achieve. My 900th pear was found yesterday, in the Nordcarn PK cave.

900th pear

Overall 173

Tells you how much I wasn't paying attention to this... I hit it during a period of heavy afk-harving, so no screenie for it. Didn't realize until I finally checked my OA wondering when I'd hit another one. They take so long at these levels that I stopped paying attention.

Alchemy Rising

Just can't seem to get off the alchemy kick, despite already hitting number 1. Well, that and the essies are heavily used so I heavily make them. And well, I don't have any other schools to work with at the moment on Day of Schools so... experience is experience so I spend it in the alch school when it happens.

You advanced to level 143 of alchemy!

Alchemy 143

Engineering Rising

While I'm no longer focusing on engineering, it's still very good experience. All Action Points go to harvesting amber, then stock other ings for treasure finders for that amber... Day of Engineering they get poofed. So the number 1 engineer continues leveling...

You advanced to level 123 of engineering!

Engineering 123

As for other skills, yeah, they're getting done. Ranging has finally been given a bit of attention, hitting the arena for a few ranging days has led to two more levels.

You advanced to level 71-72 of ranging!

Ranging 71-72

Attack and Defense still primarily leveled by dailies, though of late I've been out kicking the Big Chickens. Mostly for feather stock and they give decent gc, but getting experience nonetheless.

You advanced to level 142 of defense!

Defense 142

You advanced to level 142 of attack!

Attack 142

Normally I'd be in training gear for the big chickens, for best experience, but on No Grief, while I don't have the best gear in the world, I took out what I did have and farmed a double spawn.

Kicking Chickens

Summoning has been hit a bit on summoning days, though the levels have been hit while turning in the daily. Keeping a nice heavy stock of every item wanted for that, enough for 10 days worth of each fur and such. Two more levels since last update.

You advanced to level 80-81 of summoning!

Summoning 80-81

Harvesting gets paid no attention, other than dailies. I don't bother with the hourly experience and haven't in years, just harving what I need not what gives best experience. But it levels eventually.

You advanced to level 124 of harvesting!

Harvesting 124

Break Quest

Besides kicking the big chickens for the experience, feathers, and gc, I also wear primarily stuff I need to break. They obliged with another red dragon set break, leaving me with only two more to do for that set.

Broken Red Plate Mail


Not something I generally attend, but I've poked around on a few. Mostly hunting down stragglers on portal invasions, kicking what I can and informing of the others.

One mostly-quiet morning had a lot of leftovers, particularly in Thelinor, with almost noone doing anything about them. After running around Thelinor and killing what I could, I grabbed ranging gear and sat on this spot where I could pin stuff.

Ranging in Thelinor

Melinis invasions are too much for me, though. I do like to show up and see how many I can pin at once while sitting on the wall. For giggles. In this case, a motherload of black dragons.

Black Dragon Mayhem

And that's pretty much it for this time... oh, right... one last thing.

The Treasure of Nordcarn

Not quite the quest, but I did find a treasure. My 4th find I think.

I'll remind again that you should not think of this location as a place to immediately check when treasures are dropped. If it were like Joker I'd never post locations. Treasures are very randomly placed, and could be on any map in any location.

About the fire... once the general location is found, the F9 "fire" was used to mark where I'd checked for the treasure in that area. Helps prevent rechecking the same spot again, wasting skeleton keys.

Black Dragon Mayhem

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Monday, October 6, 2014

Exploring Guild Maps XV - Spania Universia

Notice: This is just a look at some of the guild maps that have been made for Eternal Lands. This blog provides no secrets.
The entrances to these maps and any secrets to get around them will never be posted, nor will I provide them so don't ask.

View all Guild Map exploration via the Guildmaps tag.

Clarification: Guild originally used the tag OzĂș! but has since removed the accent and goes by Ozu! now.

Ozu!, Spania Universia,
still exists and seems to have at least a few fairly active players.

Guard Bot: Yes.

PK: No. Specific marked areas for pk arenas. A few unmarked.

Well, this map is a bit of an oddity, in that there's some tricks to getting in and such. Which I won't discuss as I don't provide secrets...

But let's take a look at what's here. The landing point when you find your way in:


Zomg, warnings of an ebul bot were given! Perhaps it's, why, yes, there he is.


But bots haven't stopped me yet... let's get into the main map.


And take a look around outside the main map area before checking out the city.


Hmmm, you'd think these would be enterable. But nope.


So these statues are also here... "using" them provides a list of Ozu! members from days gone by. A couple recognizable-from-present names, but mostly long-gone guildies.


This, of course, being a PK arena.


Seriously, I don't wanna know who sleeps in such a weird place.


Flowers for the Ozu! dead...


For some reason, Radu chose to build his brick castle on the Ozu! map...


The main map is big... here's another look from the opposite side of the city.


A ship that returns you back to the map this guild's map is entered from. (Censored area is a flag that shows that map, and I don't provide such info.)


The fenced in area inside this walled area is also a PK arena.


Moving into the city, here's the center of it.

Harvestable fruit! Guild maps are only allowed one harvestable food item, though due to the positioning and that harvestable areas are based on location of where you're standing and not the item itself, you can harvest the nearby impatiens as well if you position yourself right.


And on the other side, a stand for one-on-one PK.


Oh right, there's also this mini PK arena outside the city walls as well.


Time to check out some of the buildings. First up is Moe's Tavern, where the elite meet to... drink absolutely nothing apparently. Not a single bottle. The platform area is odd as well. That indicates a PK area on most guild maps, but not this one.


An unnamed building.


The Blue Oyster. (Reference: The name of the gay biker bar in the Police Academy! movies.)


Well, this is a disaster area. If you find your way to it, there's a 1-on-1 PK area here.


Zara's clothing and all things tailoring. Although, if it's referring to a player named Zara, that player "did nasty things and is locked". Ooops.


An unnamed house.


Vago's house. Clueless on this, as there is no player in the game named Vago.


The Blacksmith House.


Empty... this house is for sale. Though I guess they're not wanting to sell it easily, what with a guard bot keeping people from coming in to buy it. ;-)


Back outside in the city. Lots of (unharvable) veggies for your (lack of) nourishment.


Like most every guild map, there's buggy areas. In the case of Ozu!, it's primarily the ability to walk in areas you shouldn't be able to. Houses, rocks, etc. And yeah, relevant to my name, feel the burn.


Another bug example for giggles... I'm in the house, I'm under the house...


Moving on. If you can find it, there's an ice area complete with arena.


And igloos, like this one.


And for some reason, this completely empty building. Methinks the map was never fully completed.


Finally, a couple places that are a little tricky to get to. For example, this boat, which is another mini PK area.


And an island to relax on. Most guild map islands are PK or have a PK area, but not this one apparently.


That's all, folks! Let's end in the mini-mining area. Nothing of notice here, just... um... mining.