Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Harv, Harv, Harv... Mix.

After my pot level yesterday, spent the rest of the day (after a few hours offline) making FEs including harving the ings for them. Bought a few k of them for the first time, and I'm getting so tired of making them that I think I'm gonna start buying more in the future when they're available. At alch 103, sitting around making those feels more like a joke than anything, since even making thousands isn't gonna put a dent in the amount of experience needed to level.

At any rate, that was most of yesterday. Stocked a bit of BQ and coal as well. Otherwise that was the entire day. :/ Oh wait, I did make almost 1k of HEs as well.

Today, it's silver bars for silver medallions for moon medallions to work some more on crafting levels. I do these in batches of 500, since that's still currently more than is needed for a crafting level (including the exp for pol saps and making the silver medallions).

If that's done, time for making another 1.5k or so of HEs, which would get me up to 3k of them, which is the amount I currently would like to have kept in stock. And use the BQ I stocked yesterday to get my SRs up some more.

After that... well, doubt I'll get more done today. Probably hit the EP clops for a while, as I also need to stock about 60 more feran horns. But after today's silver bar making and possibly HEs, finishing off another alch level will be on the top of the list of things to do since those should get me close.

Name change? I'm considering one. I knew nothing about the game when I chose this one, and pulled a random Star Trek quote outta my head when picking the name. Figured maybe it's time, now that I have a well-developed character, to switch to something more... me. Haven't decided what to switch to though, so until then, I'm me.

Monday, March 30, 2009

PotionMania XXXVI Continues

You advanced to level 90 of potion!

Potion Level 90

Woohoo. :P Got that first thing this morning, and for once I wasn't making BRs at the time of the level, hehe.

Not to say I didn't make any. Made quite a few actually yesterday as potioning was my primary source of experience points yesterday, with a minor in harvesting.

10 more potion levels to my current goal of making it my second 100+ skill.

Now to move on... still not making good use of the Crafting god, so time to make another batch of moon medallions. Which means a lot of alching for FEs/WEs/silver bars first. That should actually get me pretty close to the next alch level, so after I get a Crafting level I'll finish off the alch level with some HEs or something.

After which... dunno. Want to get another ranging level, wanna do more moon meds after the batch I just mentioned, wanna continue kicking clops in EP, wanna make some more S2Es for the alch/man experience and the gc, wanna finish off another summoning level... lots planned, just haven't decided in what order. Moon meds followed by the HEs for alch are definitely next though, so plenty of time to decide.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Quiet Day

Not much done yesterday. Finished my 2k creature food. Muled 25k of wine, as well as some leather, thread, and mead.

Got my mule up levels 9 and 10 during afk-time when I went to the movies, and overnight. Almost complete!

Started harving FE ings, for another batch of moon medallions (silver bars).

Still haven't upped my HE stock. Getting to where I really desperately need to do that. Plans to finish off my next pot level as well, only needing to make some vial runs for that.

Woke up to a server update:
- Ninja perk - Avoiding positive perks like the plague, so this didn't stand a chance with me. The other ranging perks are more appealing to me anyway, since this one seems to be more for pkers.

- New harvesting events for dung - I don't harv it yet still, but I think the game's been screwed for harvers with this. As if harvers didn't have a hard enough time trying to level, a huge powerful monster can spawn from dung now? Whoever's bright idea this was is completely out of touch with actual gameplay. :/ Side note: dung prices to rise, less people to work on engineering. Those are my predictions.

- 3x lupines are gone - Not that I ever really used them. One (faster) source of gc is gone. Personally don't care since it was never a gc source for me, but the whining today from others is gonna be bad.

- Godless removal stone - No clues as to how to get it yet. Hopefully it'll stay rare to keep its value up unlike other perk removal stone values these days. I know this one has been waited for by many. Not me, I reset to get rid of godless last August.

- Harvester Medallion made more useful. Breaks less (wondering what "less" means right now), gives more exp and gc on events, and prevents the new monster from showing up during dung harving. That "less" breakage had best mean a LOT less breakage with this new use if anyone's gonna spend time dung harving anymore.

Few other changes that are cosmetic or I just don't know enough about to comment on...

Overall, server update has been one big screw for many players. Personally, not so much. Though the dung monster thing will affect me in the not-so-far future. Looks like a lot more cinnabar harving in my future.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Another Harv Day

Was preoccupied, so spent most of yesterday afk-harving. Mostly working on flower supplies for my next batches of creature food and MoPs.

Euro invasion last night, and woah, I participated for the first time in months, hehe. Only for about half of it, but still...

Starting to consider working on gc to start buying nexus. Eventually want to have every possible needed nexus (all-rounders just like it that way), but not wasting any more "overall" pickpoints on them.

I currently need 1 Magic nexus, and need to get 3 more Animal nexus before I eventually switch to the Summon god. The rest would be nice to have but not needed for now.

So 4 nexus I need to stockpile gc for to buy 200 hydro bars. That'll take a while, best think of them only 1 at a time...

Not a rush to get them, so I'm not gonna sell harvables, or at least that won't be the primary income. Most likely BRs/TSs, make batches of S2Es to sell, and moon medallions. That way I'm still working on skills at the same time.

Meanwhile, down to needing a few k each of tulips, dandelions, and poison ivy for my next batch of 2k creature food (need 3.5k food to get my mule up to level 12, so I'll be almost done with this!), and wheat is the primary item left for another batch of MoPs (which I hold to sell to those taking the potion goddess, pretty low priority but like to have them in stock).

Probably finish at least the creature food today, and get some alching done... my HE stock is hitting rock bottom, doh.

Friday, March 27, 2009

GD the Cyclops Slayer

Just to continue level-mania from two days ago, yesterday I... continued level-mania. :P

You advanced to level 85 of attack!

Attack Level 85

Followed (wow, attack finally passed defense, if only by a hundred k exp or so) by:

You advanced to level 85 of defense!

Defense Level 85

And it's about time...

Your overall level is now 122!

Overall Level 122

Yippee, a wraith visit. :P

Spent some time hitting about 6 fluffies in a more training-style, complete with bone, last night. Appears I could quite possibly start training on them, but doesn't seem worth it just yet. About 1k defense experience more than attack experience (despite having the attack god), 2 restores per bunny average, and crap drops.

Not that clops drops are much better, but I waste less HEs/SRs if I continue on them at this point which makes them better. Not to mention it's much easier to get clops spawns, multi even, on pretty much any given day.

Woke up to an invasion. Or rather, ooops, I thought I'd turned EL off last night but apparently I didn't and woke up in the underworld. Almost forgotten what the C1 underworld looked like, heh. Nothing of real value lost at least, was harving red currants in Portland at the time with only bare minimum stuff on me.

No complaints about the invasion. It's been a few days, this seems more like an appropriate occasion for one. Still not participating though, just woke up and it appears only high-level stuff left. Need at least 2 cups of coff... er, Potion of Alertness in me to deal with an invasion. This is unfortunately the normal time for an invasion, just before Europe starts waking up, so participation isn't always an option.

Today's agenda: Completely unknown at this point. Haven't really decided what to work on next, other than restocking the HEs I've been going through the past couple days.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

It Was a Good Day 2 Level

Yesterday, that is.

Seriously doubt they read this, or give a rat tail what I think, but thanks to the TPTB anyway for yet another invasion-free day. Just might actually look forward to the next one.

Gotten the urge to a/d-train again, at least. Been so long that I forgot my timing for dissing the clops, and sometimes coming close to forgetting to restore. :P Fortunately would catch it just in time.

And it became a massive day for leveling...

You advanced to level 84 of defense!

Defense Level 84

Which got followed not long after by:

You advanced to level 84 of attack!

Attack Level 84

And oh yeah, the restores I almost forgot stopped being forgotten to end up with:

You advanced to level 52 of magic!

Magic Level 52

Woohoo, no-fail trips to the portal room. Handy when trapped in an invasion, assuming the portal room isn't invaded as well, hehe.

Not content with that, I hit the cinnabar to finish off a harvest level...

You advanced to level 88 of harvesting!

Harvesting Level 88

And just because I could, another trip to the manu school...

You advanced to level 62 of manufacturing!

Manufacturing Level 62

'Twas a good day to level, indeed. And just for fun, well, I was still in gear when I hit the cinnabar, and ran across a "dear friend" in glacmor on trips there, just before he was going to head for bed...

Leonard has a date with destiny

Just some icing on the cake for quite a busy day. :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Quiet Few Days

Been busy doing other stuff, so not much happening in EL for me. Mostly harving the past few days, off a lot as I finally got off my 11-year-old computer and onto one that's... eh, 4-5 years old? Dunno actually, but it beats my old 800Mhz one, hehe.

Last night mixed bars from harved ings the past few days, turned 'em into and sold 100+ S2Es. Did some minor potting, and finished off the last of my leather/thread in the manu school. None of that presented me with a level, but eh, better than harving.

Spent a few hours this morning on the cyclops training. Hadn't done that in a while, turned off to a/d in general by the non-stop invasions. But it's been a whole 3 days since an invasion. Longest run of no invasions (not counting GIWS ones, natch) in months. Actually got the urge to go work on my a/d levels again. And if this continues, I just might even look forward to an invasion again.

Otherwise my 5 bricks stay in storage, gathering dust, with no chance of getting lost, hehe.

Well, I keep a brick on me when I'm training on the clops, considering I got my NMT on, but the last time I died from a clops was... um... I think I was still training on ogres at the time, I got surrounded by 6 clops in an invasion, couldn't diss, and still had the ICD perk on top of that. :P

Heard 1-2 people say all I do is complain on this blog. That's hardly the case. Silver price (now over), and the non-stop invasions (pray that it's over) have been the only real sore points I've "complained" about. Yeah, a minor thing here or there, but only 2 subjects of real note. The rest covers things I do, some tips entries for others, and mostly my leveling, heh.

Hardly an "all I ever do" scenario. And for those who think that's all I do, that you've "never heard so many complaints" as one person put it... yes, you have. Right there, in your own head. You just don't have a blog writing them all out. Everyone has complaints and kudos and opinions about EL who plays it. That's a sign you actually like the game, and want what's best for it, even if it's only what you think is best. Hardly something to be ashamed over. So if you think I complain a lot, I don't really care. You do just as much, you just don't write it out. This blog is a bit unique in that there's been noone else writing out their "adventures" in the game for anyone to read. As such, you have nothing to compare it to. I'm betting anyone else attempting this would end up "complaining" much more than I could even think of doing.

Anyway, the clops training this morning didn't provide any levels, but got me much closer at least. Been off for the most part the rest of today, coming back on now and doing some random mixing until I figure out what the next project will be.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Raider of the Lost Skills

Yesterday's wake-up to no invaders was a fluke... had an invasion about 6 hours later. And woke this morning to the as-usual one. This is damn ridiculous. I can only imagine how many people who are only able to play at around that time have quit because every time they log in there's an invasion, and they just can't get anything done anymore?

With every invasion, I see more and more people just sitting in inside storages, mixing or whatever. Maybe when it's down to just 1-2 people who have no other gameplay doing the entire invasion by themselves that someone will finally wise up and figure out these daily invasions are completely ruining EL.

Doubt it. It's being done in the name of the almighty rosto. The only thing that matters any more is brick count (a new el-cel "award" page for most lost bricks only served to confirm this), game play just doesn't matter anymore.

Despite that, managed to get some stuff done yesterday. Like multiple levels, hehe.

Yesterday ended up being all about working on "the ignored skills", engineering and tailoring. After a couple k each of FEs and WEs (ugh!) were made, I went through the necessary ashes and saltpetre that were needed for the planned batch of dyes.

You advanced to level 35 of engineering!

Engineer Level 35

Which also came with the bonus of:

Your overall level is now 121!

Overall Level 121

Sweet. :P

Ran out of FPs, so ended up back at my normal C2 haunt, Irsis. Stayed there to continue the work, getting the blue dyes made.

You advanced to level 25 of tailoring!

Tailor Level 25

25? 25? That's it? No, that just wouldn't do at all.

You advanced to level 26 of tailoring!

Tailor Level 26

Ah, that's better. :P And that was it for the day. 1 Eng, 2 Tailoring, and 1 overall, all in a day's...

Not sure how much I'll get done today though. Heading to the comp store for parts, and working on getting a new "used" comp working. Not exactly the latest, just an AMD Sempron 2600+ or such, but for those unaware I'm playing now on a Duron 800Mhz system bought in 1998! This sweetie of a comp has done me well over these years, but it's time for it to move on, hehe.

So gotta buy the needed stuff, get the comp together, clear out a hard drive for it, install Linux, test it out and make sure it's working well before transferring everything else out of this old comp into it... I may end up logged out a lot of the day.

So I'm not planning anything EL-wise today. Just do what I'm able to, which probably means a day of mostly harving when I'm on at all. Some minor alching too since I still need to get my HEs fully restocked, maybe make some to sell.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Manufacturing Potter Who Looked Like a Mule

Sometimes I really dunno what to put as an entry title. :P

Total shocker this morning, woke up to find NO invaded monsters in #il ... can't remember the last time that happened. Here's to hoping it actually happens more often, and we can go back to invasions actually being special events again. :) (Not holding my breath on that, but one can always hope. Right?)

So yesterday only ended up being minimal harving, mostly for points... and getting my ogre toe collection back up. Those shroom extracts are nice bonus experience for potting even if I've already got more than I'll probably ever use. So trying to keep a nice stock of shrooms on hand in case of emergency (Joule).

Spent most of the day potting though, made whatever extracts I had the ings to make, some SRs, but mostly BRs to make and sell for extra gc.

And those (which have passed over 200,000 made, btw!) led me to:

You advanced to level 89 of potion!

Potion Level 89

What to follow that up with? I considered alch, but wasn't in the mood for it. Engineering was an option, and I even tried it a bit, making poisoned caltrops for the first time. :) I'd skipped those and went straight to indicators before, mainly because I have no use for caltrops. Or mines for that matter.

But in the end, the huge pile of leather and thread in my storage won out, and I ended up in Willowvine making runs to the manu school...

You advanced to level 60 of manufacturing!

Manufacturing Level 60

And like I said, it was a huge stock of leather/thread, couldn't stop at that. ;)

You advanced to level 61 of manufacturing!

Manufacturing Level 61

And with more creature food to burn still from the 2k I made the other day, I did another overnighter to bring my mule up to level 8. Only 4 more levels to go, woohoo. :)

Today's Agenda: I honestly have no clue. Need to get my HE stock up, so some time in the silver mine probably. Possibly stock up some BQ and RQ, or buy them, haven't decided.

The one thing I know I need is to make a load of FEs, to make ashes, to make saltpetre with the 7k of dung gathering flies and dust in storage. Some eng and eventual tailoring experience there for my "neglected skills". That may be my focus today... I just have gotten tired of FEs at this point and that's probably my main reason for not doing this sooner. :P

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Potting and the Mule

After an hour or so dragging gypsum to storage, I finally had enough to sit down and make about 2k of creature food. Takes forever to harv the ings, but some sweet potion experience in the end with all the extracts to be made.

Not enough for a pot level, but a good ways closer.

Mule level, however... did the overnight-afk thing to get a level 7 mule.

In VotD harving atm, just woke up to... (do I even have to say it) Yet Another Invasion. Can't even care that some instance critters are now in the invasions, because the invasions themselves have just gotten so sickening from being overdone. So... harving, until I'm ready to go sit and mix some more potions.

Also realised I'm only about 30k magic experience away from no-fail trips to the portal room. That's only important to me during invasions trying to make a quick getaway, and with my zero participation in Invasions until they go back to a reasonable frequency, I don't think I'll be rushing to get that magic level. It'll have to come on its own via portal room visits and restores...
Today's goal: Get the next potion level. Possibly work on an engineer level depending on my fail astro (otherwise get some alching done). And if I'm in the mood, another Manu level.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Gah, 2 no-mix days in 24 hours

What a way to (not) get things done, heh.

Was planning to get some mixing done after loads of harving, but fate seems determined to have me standing next to plants and counting harvs.

On a good note, at least I've gotten most of the plants I need to make another 2k of creature food. That'll get the mule in me up to level 8, or even 9.

Another 4+ hours to go of the second no-mix day, so finishing up the creature food flowers now, then I'll see what I need... most likely more FE flowers and I'm needing a couple k of cactus.

Found a bug since a server update this morning as seen in the image below (you know you can click images on this blog to see them full-size right? hehe).

Tiger Lilly in Naralik is suddenly "too far away" no matter how close you are to it, thus unable to be harved. Caused with the server update this morning as I harved these just yesterday.

BETS: My bet is this was a botched attempt to screw harvers by removing them, despite that they're not much further away from other storages.

Naralik Tiger Lilly says Too Far Away

Added: Yup, probably right about the botched removal attempt. Some nightshade by the house next to Naralik storage is still there, but unharvable with no message at all given. If it's gonna be unharvable with no reason, just remove it, please...

Monday, March 16, 2009

Harving Days are Here Again

A k of energy essies, a couple k of potions...

Other than that, spent yesterday harving various plants and ores and minerals. Some because of planned future projects, others simply because my stock was low, heh.

Was busy with other stuff, so it was afk-harv to the rescue!

Seriously, used to have a nice stock of most everything, that's gone down the tubes during long bouts of power-leveling alch and potion. Really doesn't take long, esp. when it comes to extract flowers and such.

Would really like just one week to drop everything I'm doing (er, in-game) and just harv like mad, stocking 10-20k minimum of everything I use a lot of. OMG, hoarding flowers!!!

Meanwhile, also contemplating the meaning of these rules for bots:
5. Bots that serve their master in a way such as muling are illegal (see the rules for multiplaying)
6. Bots cannot be stationed in range of harvestable items. They must be far enough way so that they cannot harvest from where they are standing.

Like, skirting these rules to treat a trade bot as a "protected" bag, and resupplier when harving at only a few steps away from the bot. I'm thinking the intention of these rules is being violated and skirted due to bad or lack of wording in them. Rule 5 mentions muling, but that's "such as", meaning there's other ways bots could be abused to "serve their master". Pretty sure I've found an example in-game of someone doing just that...

...and if it's not a rule violation, it should be. Trade bots should be for trade, not used as an alt to assist in harvesting. The difference between this and keeping an alt nearby sitting on a stock bag is nothing, and that's not what trade bots were meant for.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Give Us This Day Our Daily Craft

You advanced to level 39 of crafting!

Crafting Level 39

That was yesterday's fun. ;) Combined with lots of random harving, both for restocking and another project... starting to run out of c1 rings so gotta make a new batch.

That's this morning's primary project.

Meanwhile, I also managed to spend close to 175kgc last night on a few books, leather, thread, feasting pots, and wine. Muled, natch.

Guess some leather helms are in the near future. Stocking to get another potion power-level as well.

Tried a few indicators, but realized my fail astro was just too high for that. Bah.

And of course, woke up to yet another goddamned invasion. It's just plain vomit-inducing at this point. Feels like it's gonna be a very long time before any interest at all in invasions is regained. Thanks, powers that be, for doing your damndest to ruin something that used to be fun and looked forward to.

Friday, March 13, 2009

IQ Check on Market Ads

There's a few things that are quite regularly seen on market ads, that seriously need an IQ Check.

Things that are tacked on to ads that, if the person thought about it for even one second, they'd slap their forehead (and hopefully knock themselves unconscious *evil grin*) at how wrong, and even downright dumb it makes them look.

Let's run an IQ Check on the most common ones...

1) PM Me

As opposed to what? Exactly what other way would a person respond to an ad? By PMing themself? By logging off? By dropping their pants and doing the Twist to polka music?

Even the bots have to be PMed, so they're not an excuse to use this phrase either.

Worse is the people who post their ad without it, realise they made the ad without it, and make a second message just to say "PM me".

End it, please. For the sake of common sense.

2) Not a Bot

Not as bad as the first, as this is a remnant of a time when people saw more bot ads than actual humans posting on market.

But that's what it is, a remnant. Anyone who's been on market more than 15 minutes knows or asked and found out about #ignore_bots .

The overwhelming majority of people have used this command, since market isn't even usable without it. So every ad they see is from "not a bot".

Kill the redundancy, don't use this anymore.

3) PM me fast

"PM me" was covered in (1) above, this is about that final word... fast, quick, or any other word with similar meaning.

IQ check here: Do you honestly think this is going to make any difference whatsoever in "how fast" people respond to you? Or if they choose to respond at all?

One of the seriously troubled advertisers I watched use this was doing it every 5 minutes for over 3 hours. Obviously it wasn't working... though he should have known that before he even typed the words.

All it does when I see "PM me fast" is make me want to PM the word "fast" to the person. It's honestly the best and only response they deserve. ;)

4) Selling (item) PM me for price (and location)

Yo, bonehead, you had the space to type that, so you had the space to just type the price (and location). Instead of wasting your own and other people's time making them PM you to get that info, post it. People will see you overprice things, and not respond, saving both you and them time.

Is the price negotiable? Just say so. The above just says you're hiding your attempt at greed.

Number of ads I respond to where the price isn't stated in the ad: none. And I'm not the only one. By not giving the price, or at least a ballpark negotiable figure, you've lost quite a few potential buyers. IQ Check: Losing potential customers is a BAD thing. Repeat that as a mantra.

Burning the Midnight Potion

Well, I said yesterday I wanted to get another Potion level...

You advanced to level 88 of potion!

Potion Level 88

...so I got it. ;)

Got quite a few things planned, including working on more levels for crafting, engineering, tailoring, manu, and to a lesser extent alch and pot. May even toss out another load or two of arrows to work on ranging, though just to work on it, doubt I'll get the next level any time soon as it is very low priority at this point.

Working on some stock at the moment, but getting back to crafting today. 500 more moon medallions are planned, which should get me another crafting level and then some.

As usual, woke up to yet another invasion. This is just getting damn tiring. The words "same shit, different day" ring in my head every morning when I log in. When are "the powers that be" gonna grasp that they've made invasions a joke, nothing special or even looked forward to anymore?

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Silence is Not Golden

Back, after 5 days away. 5 long days. 5 days of no harvesting, no potting, no alching, no watching clops drop...


Back to potting for now, time for another level. ;)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ranging Pots and Naralik's a Hazard

More game updates woken up to this morning. Among them...

Ranging Potion

Not makeable, bought at C2 NPC for 15kgc each. A potion that permanently increases your chance to pierce armor while ranging by 1%. Can be used to bring your chance up to 60%.

At first look, it's interesting, and maybe later (heh, the price probably dictates "later"), it would be good to use. I've used 1, just "because". I'm just a sucker for trying new stuff I guess, despite the bad experiences doing that before.

So my "Archery AP" is now 1(%) according to the #arm command. Doubt that'll be a huge difference.

But I don't want 60% now anyway, as there's a trade-off with these that may make you reconsider taking them too early. That is, you're gonna end up killing things faster. That includes those critters you're shooting off the NC wall trying to raise your ranging level. Which will mean slower leveling.

Not recommended if you're trying to get your ranging level up, best saved for once you feel you've gone as far level-wise as you think you ever will with the skill. Remember, at this time there's no way to remove it.

Hazmat Storage moved to Naralik

No change can be made without it screwing with harvers. Coal harvers got the screw this time, and possibly dung (I don't harv dung yet so can't verify this).

However, it does make collecting some other items much easier. The Lenny bait that sit in SRM harving wormwood/henbane may find Naralik much easier and safer.

So... dunno what to think of this just yet. At least it's outside, always a good thing harv-wise. Need to take a look around and see what other harvables will be better harved there.

Update - I took a peek at the "local" harvs...

- Wormwood - As stated before, nothing can be done without screwing harvers. Some wormwood that was directly north of the new sto loc has been removed.

Having said that, there's some up by the magic school that's not too far away, so not too big a deal.

Other interesting harvables that will mean more people in Naralik: BSFs, impatiens, swamp candles, tiger lily, nightshade, henbane

Sunflowers also available, path to sto only slightly longer than in MM. MM will probably stay preferred for it.

Red Roses and Snaps are also available if you don't care to hang out in VotD, walk to sto about the same as VotD.

There's a couple other things, but those are the most interesting from what I've seen.

Overall, definitely interesting for flower harving, a detriment to coal though. I don't think it'll change much for harving on Grubani though, as the problem there is the creatures that live there mostly.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Too Much of a Good Thing Is...

Woke up this morning to yet another invasion in progress.

It's not a surprise anymore. It's the norm. Exact same time pretty much every single day.

There was a time when an invasion was something to look forward to. A change of pace from the normal daily play. It's just happened so much these days that it's gotten... boring is the best word I can think of at the moment.

I used to stop everything I was doing, and go join in the fun. Now I find myself skipping the overwhelming majority of them because it's just too much. It's impossible to participate in them and at the same time get anything else done.

Short of the rare special drop, invasions are a loss overall and you can only lose so much before you have to actually earn more to pay for that loss. Daily invasions don't offer the time to do that.

And daily invasions just make them "less special". The constant flood of them have made them not even remotely as exciting or something to look forward to as they once were.

I can't be the only one thinking this. Even the regular fighters have to getting tired of the same thing every day. Or?

The Levels, They Keep Coming! Run!

Just so non-Joule days won't feel unappreciated, I got a couple more levels...

You advanced to level 87 of harvesting!

Harvesting Level 87

Heh, and topping that off, got an enrichment stone, a binding stone, and made an EME.

That was last night before bed. Today making a load of HEs as well as more Magics, got yet another EME as well as...

You advanced to level 103 of Alchemy!

Alchemy Level 103

Back to a lot of harving to mix FEs to mix silver bars to eventually whip into moon medallions to continue getting usage out of the Crafting god. Short of tailoring I still look at it as my poorest-leveled skill, and as an all-rounder that irks me. Definitely rectifying that situation, heh.

Tired of one ass in the game. Had a temporary #ignore, now a permanent one. Heard he made an ass of himself with a couple others I know in-game as well.

Hiked my prices on HEs and LEs to reflect the artificial silver price hike. They asked for it. People who complain, I blame them.

It did spark some attention though. Within 10 minutes of my first couple ads there was debating on the price going on in channel 6. And unlike the last couple days, there was suddenly a ton of requests and even a couple sales of silver for 2gc today on market channel. In a couple cases by people who were against boycotting the price hike. Guess they weren't so against it after all.

Future of it all? My prices will stay up until the still-stupid people wise up and silver goes back to normal. Or they stay up until the next inevitable price hike. I won't let alchemists pay for this stupidity, and will do everything possible to ensure every item affected goes up in price right along with the ing cost.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Joule Day, Good Old Level Day

Your overall level is now 120!

Overall 120

During Joule, natch. Mostly making HEs and various potions this Joule, but hit the indicators a bit for some engineering experience...

You advanced to level 34 of engineering!

Engineering Level 34