Friday, January 31, 2014

Contests, Treasures, Pears, Overalls, and Other Levels

'Tis been some productive times. And some less productive. ;-)

Exploring Guild Maps

As many have noticed, I've occasionally posted articles where I explore the various guild maps that exist in EL. Only seen by people if you know where to find them, or someone tells you, they're mostly just images for those who'll never see them.

I finally got around to doing a seventh one: LotS - Legion of the Serpent

I have quite a few more to do. No, I don't know where every single guild map is... yet. ;-) But my boredom hunts for them have proven fruitful for well over half of them. More exploration posts to come.

Dead Leonard

It's been quite a long time since I even attempted to hunt Leonard. But curiosity got the best of me since it had been so long, and since he'd had upgrades since I got my 92 kills on the counters.

So... I made that 93. Wasn't the cleanest kill, didn't have much left on him, but I know I can still do it at least.

Dead Lenny

Burn the Treasure Hunter

I've hunted treasures on random occasions, but never regularly and thus don't have a system for it like some do. But I did manage to find one for the first time the other day.

Treasure Found

Burn the Acelon Bag Hunter

...And Acelon had a hyperbag hunt contest. I found the last of the three bags.

That's 10kgc, 3 Black Dragon Scales, 1 Titanium Serpent Sword, and 1 Gatherer Medallion.

Hyperbag Contest

The Newbie Breaks the Quest

Last update I finished the iron-to-titanium armor break quest. This time, I'm finally finishing the newbie break quest.

I've started the Dragon Armor break quest though nothing broken yet, just got my red set fully degraded.

As for weapons, still have the Dragon Blade left of the first quest.

Newbie Break Quest

Die Hard the Pear Hunter

It's been low on my priorities for a long time, but I took it back up for a while just for a change of pace. Since I took it back up, I've had about a 90% successful find rate, much higher than normal.

At this moment, I'm holding back on it as I've been ill, and trying to hunt while randomly sneezing and coughing and blowing my nose is posing to be annoying.

And actually, getting a bit bored of it again. I may or may not just stop again as I did before. My stash will last quite a while.


It's not an update without the almighty leveling.

Attack and Defense

Still primarily leveled via dailies. I have done some training on rare occasion plus plenty of random experience during attempts to break armor/weapons and such.

You advanced to level 137 of defense!

Defense 137

You advanced to level 137 of attack!

Attack 137


This skill continues to get the heavy treatment even though it feels like levels are slow-coming. Keeping the god until I get at least to 100 so gotta work on it if I wanna do a god switch anytime this year.

Four levels since the last update...

You advanced to level 70-73 of summoning!

Summoning 73


This continues to be an "if it happens, it happens" skill, since I stopped trying to level it back at Harv 110 (yew level).

Keeps happening though. In this case, I was actually hunting a pear when it poofed a level on me. (And of course I found the pear.)

You advanced to level 120 of harvesting!

Harvesting 120


My other "power level while I have the god" skill. Hasn't been worked on as much as Summoning of late, but that's about to change.

Still, 2 levels since last update.

You advanced to level 81-82 of crafting!

Crafting 82


Not a focus anymore, but I do try to stock other ings in relation to how many amber I have in storage. That way I can take advantage of engineering days when they happen, if at least for a while.

In this case I only took advantage of a couple hours, as I needed to go to bed. Otherwise I could have easily gotten another level after this.

You advanced to level 111 of engineering!

Engineering 111

It's Magic

I put my attempts to level this on the backburner to focus on other skills, planning to hit it again later.

But that doesn't mean I don't use magic... especially with pear hunting, hydro runs, stocking from NPCs. I do an extensive amount of stuff that sees me hitting the portal room a motherload of times on any given day. Plus of course, healing. And occasional popping out spells when I have mana to waste while mixing.

This level caught me on an NPC run.

You advanced to level 87 of magic!

Magic 87


An ignored skill, only touched on ranging day and then only when I can afford it. I could afford it a bit this time.

You advanced to level 69 of ranging!

Ranging 69

...And Finally

Yeah, these levels come around on occasion as well.

Your overall level is now 168!

Overall 168

That's all, folks!

Exploring Guild Maps VII - LotS

Notice: This is just a look at some of the guild maps that have been made for Eternal Lands. This blog provides no secrets.
The entrances to these maps and any secrets to get around them will never be posted, nor will I provide them so don't ask.

View all Guild Map exploration via the Guildmaps tag.

LotS, Legion of the Serpent, is an old and still pretty active guild. The most active of those whose maps I've posted about so far.

Guard Bot: No

PK: No. Entrance area is PK. There are also several rooms and arenas that are PK, but they're well-marked.

Of the maps I've posted about so far, this is one of the more interesting ones. There's several tricks in getting around, and one of the few where you need to know what you're doing to get around to every available room on the map.

It took a little time, but I managed to find every room and area. Let's take a look!


This first area, as mentioned, is PK. As there's no guard bot, that's not essentially a problem, though keep in mind getting further into the map requires knowing secrets, and the guild is still active. ;-)

(Screenshot note: The black circles were placed on what are flags as at least one gives a clue as to the map's location. I do not give out secrets, so they've been hidden. What is behind the circles are two standard map flags.)



Okay, this is a copy-paste from the KOTP map. Seriously, compare it to the fourth image on my KOTP Exploration entry.

The reason being that several of these maps were created by the same mapmaker, Sistema, who also made many of the regular game maps.

Other than a few minor tweaks though, this part and the KOTP map part are exactly the same. There's a spot or two elsewhere on this map that are also similar, but not as exact as this. And as well this map is more detailed and extensive than KOTP's.


But I digress. Let's go further in.


The long hall with doors is common, but the design is at least different.

One of the first places you'll see is the weapons room, boasting claims that it is but a small sample of the available weapons.
Oh, let's count how many times the guild needs to be reminded of who they are, hehe. Here's one!


Next we take a look at what is known as "ancient history". Remember the days when it was cool to use terms like "noob" and "pwns"? As you dig through this ancient map, you'll see how people once spoke that way.

Though, why they had to remind their guild members as they passed through the map that they were "noobs", I haven't the slightest idea.


Possibly a heavily gnome-based guild (I dunno really, hehe), the map is chock full of tiny rooms like this. You have to know where to look to find them, though.


Here we have a tavern, complete with a lounging area.


Oy. More of that "ancient history" language. For those too modern for it, "teh" was how people who lacked basic English skills once spelled "the". Many considered it "cool". Fortunately that fad has long passed. ;-)


Some of the guild members got their own rooms. Those members are still listed as leaders or high council of the guild.

Here, we have enob's room.


Next, the home of MysticViper.


And Elf_Ninja's abode.


And Zilvador.


Finally, Usul's place.


This room exists as well... but oh my, 'tis empty. What makes it truly odd is that you can't move in it. No walkable tiles, period.


Now this... this is just impolite.


Time to check out the main map. But first, let's remind ourselves, which guild map are we on? Oh yeah.


Here we have a tent area, for everyone who didn't get their own room. You also see that the primary source of food for LotS members is roasted marshmallows.


Elsewhere, we find a maze that will leave you completely stumped! Or you'll just walk through it in a manner of seconds.


Another of the gnomish rooms. There are actually two rooms that look exactly the same like this. And as you can tell by looking at them, they are PK.


House of the leader! Though, since all the leaders seem to have their own rooms, I'm not sure who would actually be the occupant here.


Back on the main map area, we come across what appears to be a training area of sorts. Unlike most maps with similarly designed areas, this is oddly not a PK area.


Oy... something died here.



I am the ruler of this room! Really, I am. Okay, maybe not.


I mentioned near the start that Sistema had done many of the game's maps, and several guild maps. Sistema apparently worked from here.


Again back on the main map... I'm getting a deja-vu feeling here as well. Isle of the Forgotten? That closed-for-business Shapeshifting Temple in Melinis?


Inside it is the "Altar of the Serpent King".


Moving on... elsewhere I found hidden away a room where they stash their gold coins. Yay, I'm rich!


As well, their storage cave, with yet more gc and other valuables.


How much is stored there? Well... apparently, lots.


Here we have the "Read The Article!" cave. Not sure what article it wants me to read, but... okay.


More "ancient script".


Something I haven't yet stumbled on before on a guild map (though they may exist, I haven't looked for them)... a readable book. This one is 19 pages.


As mentioned, PK areas are well-marked. This arena for example.


Oh my, finally, the primary meeting room.


(I have to do it...) King of the map!


The RTA cave also has this top area. Secrets abound in this room.


The main map also has a PK arena.


Don't touch the sword! It screams at you not to as you enter this yet-another-gnomish-room. But I did, of course. Nobody tells me what to do.


This... I have no clue. The last of the gnomish rooms, why the text is there, who knows. It is an ancient map, and my "ancientese" is not fluent.


Another secret place... this one bringing memories of Isle of the Forgotten with it, with its translucent items.


And that's it! Overall, the best of the maps I've explored so far thanks to the many secrets and tricks to getting around.
Oh, right... one final place. If you can figure out how to get here, these skulls will each transport you to one of the many various places throughout the map. It's a portal room of sorts for this map.