Monday, November 25, 2013

Seventh 100+ Skill Reached, Changing of the Gods

Before the break, I did some leveling of course since the last update here, but decided to not bother posting those. Instead, just focusing on things since my return.

New Computer

Since the break, I've gotten a new computer. Put together piece by piece, all parts individually studied and chosen in order to get the best at what I could afford, which was a limiting factor. The end result was a very nice setup that is a good 4-5 times better than an equivalently priced computer that's sold whole.

I'm no longer, after all these years, playing in almost-poor-man mode with a max of 20fps that crawled down to 10 in forests or MM. I can now have full high graphics on with no FPS-killing in even the worst areas. (I am intentionally limiting the FPS to 30 though, which is more than enough and doesn't affect me doing other non-game stuff. It can go much higher than that. 60 fps while sitting mixing at Naralik sto, for example.)

At any rate, it'll also make for nicer screenshots in the future.

Pear Hunts

I have done a few hunts since my return. As of this post I've found every pear I hunted for with the exception of one that was unreachable.

But I don't intend to return to regularly hunting. They're still not worth it due to low sales.

Did it mostly just to test my new computer, and as well get used to the higher graphics... shadows, fog, water, etc... feels almost like playing a brand new game, hehe.

Future hunts when done will mostly be out of boredom. Changing plans as I go into below will limit that anyway. Lots to do, and stopping every 6 hours will be more an annoyance than anything, esp. considering it's not really worth doing.

Tailoring Day

Having just returned, I had left not really prepared for anything. So when tailoring day arrived, I had just enough to take advantage of about an hour of it.

You advanced to level 72 of tailoring!

Tailoring 72

School Day - Manufaturing Level 100

I used another school day stone, as I have a past habit of doing. And with it, I finally reached my manufacturing goal.

You advanced to level 100 of manufacturing!

Manufacturing 100

Yee-ha, unless I get to the point where I want to attempt to be #1 in the skill, which I have no intention of at this time, I won't be spending any more school days doing Manu.

After finishing off the bag I was sitting on in the pic, I spent the rest of the day in Alchemy school. As of this writing I'm 6.5 million experience away from my goal in that skill.

Changing of the Gods

With my manufacturing goal reached, it was time for a gods change.

I had Manu, Defense, and Alchemy gods.

Crafting and Summoning are my big "have-gods" skills that I wanted to move to, both having been mostly ignored for years now.

In order to take Crafting, I have to drop Alchemy. As I mentioned I still have 6.5 million exp to go to reach my goal in Alch, so I didn't want to do that yet.

So Summoning: For it, I had to drop both Manu and Defense gods.

So I did, and now have the Summoning god.

That leaves me with two gods currently, Summon and Alchemy. I'm working on items to soon take the Potion goddess as the third.

Once my Alchemy goal is reached, I'll finally drop that goddess and replace her with Crafting.

So after my Alchemy goal is reached, I'll have: Summoning, Crafting, Potion

Taking Summon God for a Test Drive

I have plans in place to work on summoning. There's simpler methods but they're much more expensive, and I really don't have the gc for that.

I'll see how my plans go before discussing them. Meanwhile, I spent some time yesterday finishing off one summon level, using spider stones since I had a massive excess of thread.

Did one final Tiger Stone at storage, as I only needed to mix one to finish off the level and didn't wanna do another gypsum bagmix trip just for that.

You advanced to level 61 of summoning!

Summoning 61

"Only" 39 more summon levels to go for that goal.

The Near Future

My game play will be changing a lot over the coming month. Primarily as I finally reach goals in skills that are leading to changing all three of my gods.

Primary future goals:

1. Finish off Alchemy level (6.5 million to go)
2. Get Potion Goddess
3. Change Alchemy Goddess to Crafting God
4. Stock for Summon Days, work on summon mixing at the same time (can't just rely on special days)
5. Stock for Potions and Crafting for school days.
6. SR mixing like a MoFo after I take the Potion god, for mixing summon stones
7. LE mixing like a MoFo for summon stones
8. Stone mixing at gypsum only, saving gypsum I return to sto with for summon days.

Yeah, that's more than enough. I'm stocked with training arrows for another ranging day as well, just waiting for that.

Mixing through rain or shine...

Monday, November 18, 2013

Yet Another Hiatus

Simply... a combination of both computer issues as well as eye problems has led to my not being in the game for a while.

The eye issue is resolved.

The computer issue... I'm hoping it's resolved. Currently in a "test phase" for it, so I'll be back in the game occasionally. Won't do any heavy play for a while until I'm certain comp issues are fixed.

As for the comp, it's a new one I put together part by part that's much better than my last one. Just having graphic issues, hoping it's dealt with and not a graphic card problem.

But with my new system I can now play with full graphics, as opposed to the close-to-poor-man settings I used as can be seen in screenshots before. My new system can handle essentially full heavy graphic settings and not have a FPS problem.

Just a matter of making sure a buggy issue is fixed.

Anyway, that's the status. Back when I'm back.