Thursday, July 9, 2015

Long Since Updated, so... OA 176, Alchemy 145 and more

I went full-on map editing for several months, limiting my play to mostly just dailies. A break to deal with real-life. And Acelon and I have already gone through map plans for 1.9.5.

So I haven't actually done an update on gameplay since October 22nd. Doh! I've more recently gotten back into play, when I can...

Triple-digit count on number of invdrags killed.

Double Invdrag

Pear hunting finally hit the four-digit mark and still going.

1000 Pears

And I sat in an egg's icky whites... thanks to a secret I added as part of 1.9.4, hehe. If you haven't found this, you haven't found all that I added to the maps for that release.

Inside the Egg

Also did a heavy increase in Lenny kills. I haven't actually hunted him in years, having been stuck at just under 100 kills for that reason. But finding him while hunting invdrags has led to getting that number up to 148.

Inside the Egg

LEVELING since Oct. 22nd...

This has been a challenge, with levels in most every skill so high already, and limited play time the last 8 or so months. But several numbers have gone up since the last update.

I'll stick to just one image per skill, heh. Though several have gone up multiple levels.

These went surprisingly fast considering I spent several months doing only dailies, and more time not playing at all. Only 3 to go.

Your overall level is now 174-175-176!

Overall 176

And my favorite:

You advanced to level 144-145 of alchemy!

Alchemy 145

So this happened as well. Amber stock is a Very Good Thing.

You advanced to level 124-125-126-127 of engineering!

Engineering 127

These were all surprisingly done solely using the daily. I just haven't had time to actually work on it, though I do intend to until I at least hit 100. I've got the god and all.

You advanced to level 82-83-84-85-86-87 of summoning!

Summoning 87

Attack and Defense, of course thanks to dailies.

You advanced to level 143-144-145 of attack!

Attack 145

You advanced to level 143-144-145-146 of defense!

Defense 146

Now this... the Invdrag heavily contributed to advancing magic. Rather than playing with TS pots to find it, I used the magic spell instead. This led to a nice load of magic experience killing over 100 of them. Leads to experience in alch and potion as well for the essies and SRs.

You advanced to level 89-90-91 of magic!

Magic 91

Most all of this skill has solely been leveled while mixing leather stuff for Daritha daily. Thus it's been a year or two since the last level.

You advanced to level 101 of manufacturing!

Manufacturing 101

With the high levels of previous skills, this looks sad. Though considering the difficulty in getting ranging levels, it's actually pretty good.

You advanced to level 73 of ranging!

Ranging 73

The Future

I'm actually already back at work on getting the maps for 1.9.5 put together. Though not devoting all my time to it like the last release since we've got plenty of time to get done what we've planned.

But as far as play goes, plans include:
- continue occasional invdrag hunting
- continue occasional pear hunts
- Get summoning to 100
- Get magic to 100
- Um... other stuffs ;-)