Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Real Life Slows Me Down a Bit

That mean, evil thing called real life has kept me preoccupied of late, and thus less posting here. I've been on every day, though much less than before and afk-ing more on top of that.

I've pretty much abandoned "long-term plans" for a while that were keeping every skill being worked on. At least for the time being. I've been focusing more on specific skills, and/or whatever I felt like doing based on a special day or such.


Of late, crafting has been getting a lot more attention than I've ever given it before. I was leveling it before like all my other skills, but it wasn't really actively. Now that I've got the crafting god it's getting more attention, but almost exclusively the past few days...

You advanced to level 60 of crafting!

Crafting Level 60

That one was a surprise via reading a crafting book, I wasn't actually mixing at the time.

You advanced to level 61 of crafting!

Crafting Level 61

You advanced to level 62 of crafting!

Crafting Level 62

62 was gotten in a school during Day of Schools for triple experience. Really couldn't afford it, but can't pass up an opportunity for at least some kinda bonus experience, heh.

You advanced to level 63 of crafting!

Crafting Level 63

After wasting away what I could in the school, I went back to my usual moon medallion mixing for the 63rd level. Gonna need the gc to help pay for the school time.


I've been mixing loads of HEs to sell on my bot. As well, loads of silver, iron, steel bars for moon medallions and S2Es. And of course a random assortment of other things, particularly energy and matter essies.

You advanced to level 117 of alchemy!

Alchemy Level 117

Sweet. ;)


Not spending as much time as I'd like mixing stones, mainly because it gets tiresome done for long periods with the constant gypsum trips. Nevertheless I got the god for it so doing what I can to take advantage of that.

You advanced to level 47 of summoning!

Summoning Level 47

That was a Scholar's Day with 30% or so bonus experience, so I used up my stocked gypsum on it.

You advanced to level 48 of summoning!

Summoning Level 48

I'm contemplating much heavier working on this skill now, as my bot is still buying tons of LEs for it, and I need to make the stones to put those to use and as well pay for them. :P

Other Skills

I've touched engineering occasionally, but not really enough to get me to a level. It'll get more focus soon.

A/D has barely been looked at. I've spent maybe 2 hours at most kicking chims the past week. Short of managing to get a spawn on sun tzu, I don't see me working on this much in the coming weeks either. It's on the backburner while I focus more on skills I have gods for.

Potioning is being done. I mixed a batch of BRs for some extra gc once, but for the most part I'm in the process of making a load of SRs for future summoning stone making.

Tailoring and Ranging have been ignored for the moment. My gc is spread pretty thin and I can't really afford to work heavily in either of these skills for the time being.

Harvesting is done as needed. I'm doing nothing any more to intentionally level it now that I've hit 100 in it. It'll always be needed, I'm just not thinking of it as a skill so much anymore.

Manufacturing, other than own-need stuff like S2Es, is dead for now. I don't even think about it. It'll get more attention at some point in the future.

Leonard and Joker

Out of mixing boredom, I've gone Leonard hunting a few times the past week. Usually empty-handed, but managed to get him a couple times.

In the process, found Joker once:


The number of Joker "spawn" locations I know can be counted on one hand, and that happened to be one I already knew of.

Probably a lot more has happened that I'm forgetting now, but such is real life interference. Ah well. I should try and update this more to avoid such forgettings, heh.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Mostly an Alcher...

While I'm trying to work on levels where I can, seems to mostly be crafting and summoning that are being forced the attention.

This because of my bot IWannaRock's ability to buy endless supplies of FEs and LEs. Even had to turn off his purchases for a few days because I couldn't keep up with them.

The LEs of course to be used for summoning stones. I'm on hold with those at the moment as I work up a load of SRs. 50k wine muled in MM yesterday, got all the ings I need to mix 6k SRs, just gotta mix them.

Then mix the stones. Really gotta be in the mood to do those. But still got 4k+ bear furs to mix bear stones, then I'm switching to spider stones. Should be at a decent enough summon level by then that the fails aren't too horrible for them.

As for Crafting... had a load of polished emeralds, just needed the silver meds to go with them to mix moon medallions. And I've been focusing on that a lot the past few days.

The combination of that and reading Big Books of Crafting has been doing wonders for my crafting level, including hitting Craft Level 59 yesterday. No screenie since it caught me by surprise as I forgot I was reading the book again, heh.

But that's primarily what the FEs I've been buying has been going towards of late, mixing silver bars for crafting.

They're supposed to be going to hydro bars for gc making as well, something I need to get back into doing. Made 8 bars the other day and sold them, allowing my bot to be able to start buying essies again, but need more. Esp. if I'm ever going to get my Archery AP up to 60 as planned. Still need to buy 37 potions for that.

But alching seems to be mostly what I'm doing these days, out of necessity. Mixing essies to sell (HE and EnE mostly), mixing silver bars... er, yeah.

At this rate, my next alch level will come sooner than my last one. Down to "just" 1.9 million experience to go for that.

Current goals: Mix iron/steel bars to work on more S2Es, and mix SRs for summon stones. My old "goal list" has been pretty much abandoned and I'm working on something that's more flexible and will still get me to work on all my skills, albeit at different paces. The gc-loss skills like ranging and tailoring will definitely not see as much being done at least until I get my Archery AP 60 goal finished.