Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Number One Bomb

Almost three months since last update... been off quite a bit, and on less hours than normal when I have been around. But still, did get a few things done.

Pear Hunts

Still doing these, though being offline I haven't hunted as often, and even when online I haven't bothered sometimes. Not as worth it as it used to be so it's not as big of a priority.

Despite that, grabbed another 107 pears since my last post in May, now up to 830 found.

Number One Engineer!

Managed to make time on a couple game days to mix up the massive stock of Treasure Finder ings in school on Engineering Days to get 6 more levels (117 to 122) in Engineering the past 3 months, and take the number one spot. Looks purty next to the number one alch dude. ;-)

Number One Eng and Alch

While I'm sure I'll continue doing that as the ings are available, it's getting a lower priority as I focus more on my "all skills 100+" goal... which many will know is quite an endeavor considering there is still to this day no 100+ ranger. ;-)

But those Finders on special Eng day can make for some killer experience... though incredibly expensive at the same time. Takes some massive planning to do right. But in just one game day alone I ended up with experience like this for Eng:

12.7 million Eng experience

Sweet, huh? And that's not really a full game day even. I do have to take regular breaks from that due to hand troubles that require me to rest them. I'm sure others could get much more.

 But days like that led to...

You advanced to level 117-122 of engineering!

Engineering 122

Getting Attacky and Defensivey

The A/D levels continue to come in at a trickle. Dailies for those are done... daily, excluding when I've been completely away. I do kick a lot of random creatures, but I doubt that leads to any huge amount of experience, as it's not training.

But two defense levels and one attack level have been added. I'm now one level away from being too high for 140 cap invasions... so I can hunt pears if they show up on a 140 cap invasion map. ;-)

Priorities, heh.

You advanced to level 140 of attack!

Attack 140

You advanced to level 140-141 of defense!

Defense 141

New Dailies, New Summoning Levels

So two new dailies appeared these past few months. The first a "tailoring" daily that requires PvP/Pk. WTF... no, I'm not doing that one.

The next though, is a summoning daily... scrape up some critter parts, get experience. That one, I've been doing, and even did the first minute it was added. ;-)

I'd been working on Summoning though in general before the daily, and will continue to do so as it's one of my "god skills" until it hits 100.

So a good load of summon stones have been mixed, mostly on summon day.

But the daily is welcome, and will get done daily since it's easy experience.

The summon stone mixing gave me two more levels for the most part though... this second level happened on turning in the summoning daily for only the second time.

You advanced to level 77-78 of summoning!

Summoning 78

ZOMG! Tailoring Levels!

It's been a while since I touched this skill. I'd read some books, but that's always slow-going. It was, at the time, the cheapest means to level the skill.

However, many calculations and tests later, I've realized that even with a massive amount of critical fails on white wizard hats, I can still get better and cheaper experience on a school or tailoring day with the low successes  than even with a book.

Those hats are a rec level of 89, and I started testing them at 74. As you can imagine, that's a serious number of crit fails, on something with ings that are over 650gc per hat.

Still, fully calculated, it's the cheapest means of leveling the skill, on school/tailor day, as long as a certain minimum number are successes out of a single carried batch to the school. If planning to level this skill, it would be a good idea to calculate that for yourself.

So after getting level 74 via a Big Book, a tailoring day appeared and I got levels 75-77 using it. Only a few hours of the day as I was definitely not prepared for it.

You advanced to level 74-77 of tailoring!

Tailoring 77

Sweet. It'll take a while, but I have plans to do some heavy stocking as I can afford it, and get this skill up pretty quick-like once that's done.

Getting Crafty

Crafting is still one of my other "god skills" with a 100+ goal. And I'm getting very close to reaching that goal which will lead to another god switch.

I've been leveling this skill by two means... primarily via poofing Blank Paper in school on school day, but I've also been making tons of C2 rings to sell on my bot, to some okay success.

Six levels (90 to 95) since my last update because of those two things.

You advanced to level 93 of crafting!

Crafting 93

You advanced to level 95 of crafting!

Crafting 95

The Overall Factor

Imagine that, these are hard to come by at this point. But they do still rarely happen. Only 8 more to go...

Your overall level is now 171!

Overall 171

Here Thar Be Treasure?

I haven't done much treasure hunting. Granted, there haven't been that many of late either. But I think this was my third treasure find. It's very random when it's placed, so if you think this image is a hint on where to look for a future one, you're wasting time, that's not the way to find it.

A treasure has been found!

The End...

Currently expecting to continue to be out of the game as equally as I have been of late for the forseeable future. Something about actually having a real life or such.

But still around, and still have goals.

Summoning and Crafting as god skills will continue until 100 levels of each.

Stockpiling for tailoring, though limited due to gc of course.

Another Alchemy level is on its way, though more from just mixing for necessity than actually trying to level it.

Definitely going to be looking into ranging again, as I haven't touched it in quite a while. I've gotten both the major ranging perks now, so that should help.