Saturday, May 30, 2009

Still Here, I Believe ;)

Still pre-occupied with other things, so all I've really been doing since my last post is harvesting. Mostly iron, over 50k of it.

I turned those hydro ore into bars, and bought a nexus though. My first bought nexus. Wow, that's a lotta work.

Next goal is to stock up a load of gc to buy something. It won't cost this much, but I wanna get about 400kgc in my storage, so I can buy the item and still have emergency gc stocked.

I guess the harving will come in handy to work on that gc stockpiling, heh.

Really not much to write about. Some minor mixing here and there but otherwise just been harvesting. Mainly posting to show the blog isn't abandoned.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Last Night's Wilhelm Tell Day Brings...

You advanced to level 37 of ranging!

Ranging Level 37

Sunday, May 24, 2009

My First Hydro Runs!

Sorry, been quiet a while. While I've been logged in a lot, I've been distracted by other non-EL things so was afk more often than not.

There have been periods of playing though, of course!

I won't bore you with the harving stuff during my mostly-afk time. Instead...

2-3 days ago, grabbed this shot of me during an invasion. This is in Naralik. Zarin is standing right next to me. Can you see either of us in that mess of clops-n-bears? :P

(Remember you can click images in this blog to see the full size version)

Clops invasion in Naralik

The clops-n-bears weren't a problem. The problem was when Zarin tossed an arctic chim in the middle of all that. Had to diss+tele when it got to me.

After a server update, there was a new quest put in the game. I did it with no help.

The award of that quest made me decide I needed a change of pace, and got my next summoning level:

You advanced to level 30 of summoning!

Summoning Level 30

I then decided that, since I had gotten all the needed ings, I was going to sit in Irsis storage and not leave Irsis until I got my next potion level. The new Day of Schools (triple experience in schools instead of double) was started, and I took advantage of that with the final few hundred thousand experience needed to level (and I didn't have to leave Irsis since a pot school is there!):

You advanced to level 97 of potion!

Potion Level 97

Sweet. 3 more to goal! :P

Today, I've been offline the majority of the day. However I was on this morning, and did my first hydro runs!

Harvesting Hydro

I did quite a few trips, harving about 525 ores total.

And that's the update for now. :) Oh, the hydro ore will get turned to bars soon, 50 of which will be used to buy my first nexus.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Harv and Alch and Eng and OA and Def, Oh My!

Was mostly off today, doing other stuff. Only some minor harving done.

Two days ago though, I finally finished mining all the iron I needed to make the bars for my S2Es for my hydro for my "buy my first nexus" project.

And during that...

You advanced to level 90 of harvesting!

Harvesting Level 90

Yesterday, I spent most of the morning mixing iron and steel bars in Irsis storage. During which, one guy decided to flood the storage with 10-15 summoned skunks. *sigh*

But after that was the real tick-off. I went offline after getting all the bars mixed, only to come back on to... Joule. 5 hours of it, and I'd already mixed all my bars earlier! Grrrrrr.

So, I mixed the S2Es... 525 total with no ing loss! *kisses the 64 next to his manu level*

And I continued by mixing everything I possibly could that was alch-related. Even had to go harv some HE ings just to finish off the level, but:

You advanced to level 106 of alchemy!

Alchemy Level 106

Just in the nick of time, as I was missing at least 1 ing for every possible thing to alch mix as I hit the level, hehe.

Switched to potions a bit, but low on ings for those as well. Eventually ended up on engineering, with indicator ings being the only thing I had decent stock of. Joule ended as I was 3k away from the level, so I just kept going:

You advanced to level 38 of engineering!

Engineering Level 38

After days of almost nothing but harvesting, it felt good to let the power-leveler in me come out with those three levels. But that wasn't enough. I had two other things that were close to a level, so I headed out to the Melinis fluffies...

Your overall level is now 128!

Overall Level 128

Which led to a trip to the wraith. Then back to the fluffies some more:

You advanced to level 92 of defense!

Defense Level 92

NOW my inner power-leveler is happy, hehe.

Anyway, now that I got the S2Es made, it's a matter of finally making those hydro runs. When to do that... well, I am not saying here until after I've done them, hehe. Could be tomorrow, could be next week. Haven't actually decided yet.

Meanwhile, I got a few other things I want to work on...

- next potion level (I'm harving stuff for that now)
- More time on the fluffs to get a few more a/d levels (and build up for another OA)
- Finally get my 30th summon level so I'll have access to the summon command menu
- Save up gc to buy a human removal stone (my next big money pit project)
- Freshen up my personal stock of C1 rings (I make a load of them every once in a while which last a while for personal use)

Or with any luck, harv one of those last babies... 4.5 million harvs in my stats and no nexus stones, so I'm not holding my breath on that.

At any rate, hopefully doing something more than just harving and harving and harving like of mostly done the past week and more. Thoughts that I need to do that 9 more times to get all the Nexus I want are just... um... some other time, perhaps, heh.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Invasion Ranger

Still mining iron for my Nexus project. Got about 14k more to get.

Meanwhile, took a break for yesterday's invasion. Spent some time fighting... desert chims, phantom warriors, and such. But when it eventually got to where the leftover creatures were too much for my little 92/91 a/d to handle, I pulled out the elven bow and put my ranging to use.

Pretty much cleared all the leftovers in South Redmoon on my own just ranging them, and a few on other maps as well.

Normally I'd just show full screenshots, but considering how many I grabbed for this, I knocked 'em down to just the basics. Just did this to show an idea of a ranger in action during invasions.

I got all of these creatures by pinning and killing them myself, and then some that I didn't get screenies for (shown in order):

SRM garden - Giant
Ranging Giant in SRM
SRM garden - Yeti
Ranging Yeti in SRM
SRM garden - Giant
Ranging Giant in SRM
SRM garden - Yeti
(Tried to sneak up on me in the garden area. I tele-to-ranged outside and got him pinned)
Ranging Yeti in SRM
SRM garden - Yeti
Ranging Yeti in SRM
SRM garden - Yeti
Ranging Yeti in SRM
SRM - Giant
(Couldn't get them over to the garden, had to lure them into the building area)
Ranging Giant in SRM
SRM - Double Yeti
(Both of these guys are pinned!)
Ranging Yeti in SRM
SRM - Yeti
Ranging Yeti in SRM
SRM Garden - Giant
(The last invader in SRM. Walked the map a few times after this one and nothing else to be found.)
Ranging Giant in SRM
Idaloran Cemetary - Giant
(Was picking off people returning from underworld, so I went and picked him off.)
Ranging Giant in Idaloran
Idaloran Fields - Yeti
(Wasn't easy to pin. Took quite a few attempts to get him.)
Ranging Yeti in Idaloran
Idaloran Cemetary - Yeti
(Found roaming outside cemetary, took some work to get him to come to the fence.)
Ranging Yeti in Idaloran
Idaloran Blacksmith - Giant
(My last kill, easy pin after tele-to-range across the blacksmith's fence.)
Ranging Giant in Idaloran

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Still Harving After All These Days...

Heh. Hard to come up with posts to keep this up to date when all I'm doing is harving, walking to storage, harving some more... Not exactly the most thrilling of subjects. :P

Off a bit more than normal as well for real life reasons, so that's not speeding up the process either.

Still stocking iron for the 8k+ steel and 1k+ iron bars I need to make for my "Burn Needs a Nexus" project.

Last night, Joule appeared just as I was thinking of calling it a night. Ended up staying up an extra 3 hours to take advantage of it, but was too tired to click to take advantage of the full day.

Guess I'm getting too old for that kinda stuff. Er, no, just too tired.

But I did mix all the iron I had into steel bars during those 3 hours I had. 3k steel bars done, as well as mixed a few other odds and ends, whatever I had ings for. Tried to work a bit on potioning towards the end, but was just too tired. Had ings for at least 5k BRs on hand, only got about 1k done.

Current project status: Need about 42k more iron. When I'm not as busy in real life I'll of course "bag it" and make some bars at the iron, but it looks like for the most part I'm just stocking it in storage. Guesstimated time it'll take to harv 42k iron is around 26 hours of non-stop harving. I'm looking at possibly 3-5 days just grabbing iron with that.

If you see me in-game, it'll most likely be in EVTR at the iron or storage. And there's a decent chance I'll be AFK. Lots to do in real life, so I'll be checking in when working on that just to click as needed for harving. Slow harvesting method, but better than nothing.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Days of Harving, FEs, and a Touch of the Ranging

Day 6 of the "Hypocrisy Forum Suspension"...

Offline or AFK a lot the past few days. Had some real life stuff to do. That does get in the way on occasion. ;)

When I have been on, it's been either harving or mixing the almost 30k of Fire Essences that I need for my nexus-buy project.

With those mixed and the coal harved, I'll now be spending quite a long while at the EVTR iron mining to make the steel bars. Mixing at the iron some, and some just taking iron to storage so I have some on hand in the event of a good mixing Special Day.

About 1.5 hours of Robin Tell day this morning, so took advantage of that. As did quite a few others that can be seen below.

You advanced to level 36 of ranging!

Ranging Level 36

Was there a bit longer than the day to finish off all the bolts I muled. Got about 1/3 of the way to the next level by the time I was done.

Anyway, with that no more ranging leveling for a while. Gotta save the gc for necessities while working on the bars for buying a nexus.

And with that, it's back to the iron mine. At least there's finally a general store in EVTR now (at the "egg stand" between the bookseller and KJ exit if you don't know) so pickaxes are nearby for purchase. I'll need a few for 70k+ iron...

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Back in the Alchemy Saddle

Yesterday's goal achieved:

Alchemy Goddess - Quests Complete

The Crafting is gone, the Alchemy Goddess is back.

Though ironically enough, while working on items for the Alchemy quests, I came only 2k experience away from a crafting level. So I went ahead and finished it off with some moon medallion ings:

You advanced to level 44 of crafting!

Crafting Level 44

After getting those quests done, it was back to harving ings for eventual nexus buying. Got my stock of roses and snaps up to 30k each. That took pretty much what was left of the day.

Except when the Ranging Day was added for an hour and a half or so. Muled close to 1800 bolts to the packed arena and am now only 8k from my next ranging level.

Today: Yet more harving. Need to finish my coal stock off (plus some of it went to making stuff for the alch goddess quests so I gotta restock that). And then I guess it's making 30k of FEs. *shiver*

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Ranging and Yet Another New God

Ignoring the hypocrisy for a while... catch up on what's going on in regular play.

Yesterday morning, spent some time in the arena to finish off that level:

You advanced to level 35 of ranging!

Ranging Level 35

Yet Another God Change

Just when I thought I had everything planned out, I changed my plans again. :P

The change came this time because of thoughts of buying Nexus. All the bars I'd need to make for the S2Es just for that, plus the continued making of HEs and other essies for regular use, bars for moon meds... alching just seems to be the primary skill no matter what I am doing. And the whole "buy nexus" thing needs to start being worked on now if I'm ever going to get them.

So... Crafting is going and the Alch goddess is coming back!

I'm currently working on mixing and such for all the alch goddess quests, and once done the switch will be made.

So new gods: Defense, Potion, Alchemy

And no plans to change them for a while. Won't even consider it at this point as I haven't determined how long I want to hold on to Alchemy.

Otherwise, spent most of yesterday harving coal. That was... um... fun? Still got more to get, needing about 45k total to work on my first nexus.

Then it's a ton of harving and making FEs, then harving and making bars, then making S2Es, then making hydro bars... augh, just for one nexus and I'm looking to eventually buy at least 10.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Another Alch, Another Craft, Another God

When I wasn't busy in real life, spent most of yesterday morning gathering ings and eventually making silver bars.

You advanced to level 105 of alchemy!

Alchemy Level 105

Turned those into silver medallions, which turned into moon medallions... really loving that moon meds are stackable now. Makes it so much simpler to make them in bulk, as opposed to sitting in the glac magic shop selling as I make them (like some do with leather helms at Trik) to reduce trips carrying them.

But anyway... You advanced to level 43 of crafting!

Crafting Level 43

New God and God Plans

Since my attack has gone higher than my defense (which it was under for many a level), I dropped the Attack god and switched to Defense. Not just for that reason... determined I'd get more OA experience boxing fluffies using Def than Att god as well. ;)

As for future plans... I'll be keeping the Def god for a while, most likely up to Def 100 or around there depending on how well it goes vs. my attack level.

I've decided to keep the Crafting god for the foreseeable future. Stacking moon meds removes at least one thing that made it such a pain to level. (All the WEs and silver bars being the other things, but those are unavoidable, and at least the silver bars give good alch experience as seen above, hehe.)

The Potion goddess... I've decided I'll keep her until I reach Potion 100. Considering Def and Craft gods, my only 2 non-enemy options left outside of potion are manufacturing and engineering. (Would have more options if the 3 missing Gods were in-game, but...)

So which to do? I decided I wasn't ready to go back to non-stop tossing gc in the leather helms pit, so I guess engineering it is. That's gonna be expensive to get though to get through the quests. I just may end up hanging on to the potion goddess for a few levels over pot 100 while I slowly gather/make all the stuff needed to do the quests.

So current gods: defense, crafting, potion
Planned switch: potion to engineering

Into the Arena

Ended up doing 2 trips to the ranging arena yesterday as well, using my mule of course to carry almost 1800 bolts per trip. Got the majority of my next level with those 2 trips. In fact, I'm only less than 3k away from my next level. I'd go finish it off but after I finish writing this I'll be afk a lot so not an option. Maybe later.

Nexus Buying

I'm starting to put some serious consideration into buying Nexus. As mentioned, I'm an all-rounder, and would like to be able to do everything possible, which means getting every possibly-needed nexus. I'm also not wasting any more OA pickpoints on them so... I still need:

- 4 Animal
- 3 Artificial
- 3 Magic

So I need 10 total. Which is 500 Hydro bars. Which is... a lot.

I could buy the bars. Make S2Es, sell them, buy bars. Or as a level 105 alcher, I could easily make those level 50 bars myself. That would mean making the S2Es, and doing hydro runs.

The hydro runs being the problem. As a non-pker, I avoid pk maps for any reason. Too many idiots in the game. But harving hydro means going into pk maps. Even though there's a good chance I can find times that there'll be no pkers around there, it still feels like going against every fiber in my being to do the hydro runs since it's the only harvable that requires going through pk maps.

Doesn't mean I won't end up doing them though. It would mean making a lot less S2Es, and a lot less reliance on others by having to both sell the S2Es and buy the bars. I went to the test server the other day and tried out the hydro run, seeing what I'd be facing environment-wise... smart move since seeing anyone there on the test server would have been highly unlikely, heh.

Dunno when I'll get around to trying this, and for obvious reasons (idiots can apparently read when they want to) won't announce it until after it's done.

Anyway, off to being mostly AFK for quite a while, harving what I can while doing so. Which won't be much, but better than getting nothing done at all.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Only 4 to Go!

Radu agreed to buy speed hax pots that were left over since their removal (woohoo, thanks Radu!) so I sold him 104 of them yesterday. 71 were mine, rest from 2 other people who didn't have enough to sell back on their own, since he only accepted 50 or more.

Getting a pot level these days requires lots of mixing time. Not to mention gathering all the ings that can't be bought, but after a lot of harving and mixing and time...

You advanced to level 96 of potion!

Potion Level 96

Just 4 more levels to the "holy grail"... er goal, of making Potion my second 100+ skill.

That's about 78k more BRs to make. Or 88k SRs. I'll most likely end up making a combo of those, depending on which ings I can get my hands on. And of course I'll end up making more extracts/creature food and such.

Meanwhile, been stuck on pots for the last couple days, with only a break for invasions.

So focusing on other skills today before I go back to the pot mixing. I figure I'm about 2.2k silver bars away from an alch level, so working on those now. Those'll in turn get used for making moon medallions to work on a crafting level.