Friday, October 30, 2009

No-Fail Mana Drain on a Day of Bears

Finally got the silver bars finished (ended up having to make close to 5k FEs myself, but eh, it's a necessary evil), and the silver meds and moon meds for:

You advanced to level 51 of crafting!

Crafting Level 51

Yesterday was very bear-centric. Several hours at the gypsum mixing Bear Summon Stones.

You advanced to level 39 of summoning!

Summoning Level 39

Followed by several hours mana-draining bears and doing radiation shields in between for magic training:

You advanced to level 68 of magic!

Magic Level 68

Didn't quite catch that last screenie in time, heh. It happens. But Magic 68 means no-fail Mana Drain, so no more failed spells while magic training anymore!

Non Stop Day started while I was kicking bears, but didn't want to stop the magic training for it. I did manage to take advantage of it for a few hours at least though, before I had to crash for the night.

- Harving... coal now. Time to work on batch 2 of 4 of S2Es for my next Nexus.
- make essies for another round of 500 mana drains and radiation shields
- Do some potioning for gc

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Another Unholy Alch Level

With FEs still needed, I spent some time mixing summon stones last night but not enough to level. Was just an excuse to do something else while attempting to buy the needed FEs so I didn't have to mix them myself, hehe.

Managed to buy some, and of course my bot has a regular amount of them incoming, but still needed more so spent some time today mixing those.

But not before I mixed as many silver bars as I could, and did a few rounds of HEs for...

You advanced to level 113 of alchemy!

Alchemy Level 113

So what now? Just got those FEs done, it's enough for silver bars, silver meds, and moon meds for a crafting level. Need to check my astro, heh.

Also when my astro goes back up, finish a level of summoning at the gypsum.

Also need to go kick 500 bears for magic training, still got those essies sitting in storage waiting for me.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Combo of things, all via Alch

Working on a few things at once here.

Finished ings (er, essies) for 500 mana drains and 500 radiation shields. Just need to go kick the grizzlies now when I'm in the mood to do so.

Working on moon meds for another craft level. Got the saps polished, coal harved, majority of the FEs bought... working on silver now and making bars at harv. Though last night I was preoccupied and did a lot of just harving silver to take to sto since I couldn't keep tabs on a bag. Got most of the silver needed harved. After the bars it's just a matter of mixing the silver medallions and moon medallions.

And oooh, that'll give me some spare gc too, heh.

Got all the ings needed to go sit at gypsum and mix bear stones too. Waiting on excellent astro to do that.

Only about 440k to my next alch level. I'll get about 300k experience from mixing the silver bars I need, leaving about 140k to go... and I do need to get some more HEs mixed... at any rate, expecting an alch level soon, finally.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Magic and Other Stuff

First batch of S2Es done.

Lots of time mixing LEs to prep for more bear summon stones.

Kicked 500 bears with mana drains and radiation shields all around...

You advanced to level 67 of magic!

Magic Level 67

That also got me about 2/3 of the way towards another magic level as well.

Currently working on essies for yet another 500 bear mana drains + rad shields. Going to keep doing this a lot in the near future, both to stockpile bear furs for sum stones (got 4k+ in storage now) and more importantly get my magic level up to a point where I feel I can drop the magic god again.

Liking the update I woke up to this morning. Increased gc on mini events is noticeable, "Non Stop Day" with no stopping for mini events, No Grief day is back. Well, that's all that really affects me for now. All nice, hehe. Not concerned about the increased chance of Acid Rain day... being an all-rounder, I can always find things to do that make it only a slight annoyance rather than a big problem.

Other things are nice though they don't affect me, at least not yet: multi-summoning of yeti/giants, as well as the makeable mage robes. Hopefully the latter is a tailoring thing, the details haven't been released yet.

The KJ-to-PV boat working again, but with 50gc tickets... This I'm unsure of. Won't hurt, but the main reason it was used was for harving iron/silver in KJ. That was before things like the forest chims were added to the map. I don't personally think I'd harv there anymore even with this option, even after forest chims start to ignore me, and I don't think others will find it worth 50gc a trip to harv that way either.

Which leaves its use to being primarily for those who are training on forest chims. Or maybe those who train on the cockatrice in the KJ coal cave. Don't see it getting THAT much use for either, esp. since there aren't that many training on either of those creatures that I know of.

Still, it's back in use now at least, and will probably get used some. May be useful in invasions as well as a quick way to get to storage from KJ. So it's not a bad thing. Just don't think it will get used as much as may be expected due to changes since it was originally decommissioned.

Other stuff... I have no clue about the fighting changes, and they only affect PK/PvP which I don't do so they're of no concern to me, hehe.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mix, Mix, Mix, Repeat

Got the essies for mana draining 500 bears + radiation shields done.

Day of Schools last night, used up my minor supply of shrooms for 1/3 of a potion level.

Working on first batch of S2Es now for my next nexus buy. FEs bought, coal harved, iron bars done, working on steel bars (mix at iron) now.

Should be done today. Hopefully get around to kicking the grizzlies later today, or I'll do some more potting for gc.

I dunno, just "winging it" at the moment, whatever I feel like doing.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

More Tailoring, and Odds and Ends

Spent some time on the grizzlies the other day, 500 of them total. Not enough for a magic level but close. Working on essies now for my next 500, should hit a magic level in the first 100 of those.

Did some random mixing for a Joule day the other night, but really didn't have much in the way of mixing supplies thanks to a Recycling day the night before, so didn't really get much out of that day. :/

Yesterday included a lot of time mixing water essies and eventually blue dyes.

You advanced to level 33 of tailoring!

Tailoring Level 33

Back to work on essies now as said, currently working on AEs. Got almost all the EnEs I needed done in the feros cave yesterday, though had to stop due to a Bethel invasion before completely done.

And a random batch of HEs this morning while harving silver for AEs.

Um... yeah, just been hitting a lot of random stuff due to special days and well, I've been sick so have had to avoid things that take longer to do at times.

Current plans:
- AEs/MagEs/EnEs/MatEs for mana draining and radiation shields
- Kick another 500 bears
- Some potting for gc
- Start first of 4 batches of S2Es for next Nexus purchase (Artificial 6)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Double the Engineering

Got my mana drain and radiation shield essies finished between bouts of crashing on the couch not feeling so well, heh.

Kicked 100 of the 500 bears I need to do this round.

Recycling Day came up. Didn't really have much to use for it, though I did get 3 EFEs out of 2 enrichment stones.

Instead I focused on a skill where ing loss was heavier and anything that could make the skill less expensive would be welcome. Couldn't tailor because I was out of water essies and didn't wanna waste the day on those.

So engineering was the obvious option. I had lots of ings with the exception of dung and thread, both of which were easily bought. And of course, I got the eng god so wanted to put that to use.

So I mixed a motherload of ashes, saltpeter, ropes, and H/D indicators...

You advanced to level 46 of engineering!

Engineering Level 46

As well as just as the special day ended

You advanced to level 47 of engineering!

Engineering Level 47

Double shot in one skill... haven't seen that happen in so long. Sweet.

Back to plans today, assuming I'm up to sitting at the comp yet. Feeling better, but not quite there yet.

Plans being more magic training on the grizzlies, and get some potioning done for GC. More than that, but that's all I'll attempt considering I'm still under the weather.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Cool Harv Level Screenie, and Helms Do the Trik

Been a bit ill last two days, so I've been out of the game for quite a bit, playing only when I got sick of lying around and had to get up and "do something".

Still managed to get a few things done though.

1) Turned my hydro ore into bars, and am now the proud owner of Artificial 5 Nexus, hehe. And of course I felt the urge to put it to use, so I made my very first Titanium Serpent Sword (which sold pretty quick on my bot), as well as Titanium Greave and Cuisses.

2) My harving, despite only occasionally doing it specifically for harv points, managed to get me to a level yesterday morning.

You advanced to level 97 of harvesting!

Harvesting Level 97

Now, WTF is up with the invasion critters? Well, it was Peace Day so nothing would attack, and The Powers That Be decided to dump 2k+ invaders on C2 during that day. So it was a little creepy having all those high-level creatures hanging around me while I harved ogre toes in SRM. :P

3) Did the "leather helms at Trik" thing to finish off my manu level. Hadn't gotten one of those in a long while, especially since I rarely work on it compared to other skills these days. Well, I do plan to continue leveling it, just not focusing heavily on it for now. But it's not forgotten, esp. since I'm working on buying Artificial and Magic Nexus now.

You advanced to level 66 of manufacturing!

Manufacturing Level 66

Been keeping my bot fairly stocked with various essies. Air and Water ones tend to disappear quick, and I can't really keep up on those so they'll probably be sold out most of the time.

Also bought a few more Archery AP potions during my trip to Anitora to buy my nexus, so I got that up to Archery AP: 10. Just 50 more to go, heh.

Right now, I'm still feeling sick so I'm not making any heavy plans for today or even tomorrow. When I feel like being up, I'll be working on the essies for another 500 mana drainings on bears with radiations shields.

And... well, I'll leave it at that since I may not even get those done today.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Hydro Runs, Eng Level, Lots of Essies

Last few days has been mostly alching... finished the bars for S2Es (and mixed the S2Es), and as well did some stock essies of almost all types. Some for self, some for selling on my bot.

This morning, I did my hydro runs. 21 runs and like previous ones saw pretty much noone en route... one person afk in the fluffy cave, and 2 others I saw at the hydro itself. No pkers, or at least noone actually there to pk at least.

To the pkers who like to attack people on hydro runs, just two words: "Ha Ha!"

Anyway, got lots of hydro ores now waiting to be turned into bars and into a new nexus purchase.

Got tired of alching today, after making 1.7k matter and almost 2k energy essies in the Bethel feros cave.

So headed back to Naralik, where I mixed a stock of ashes for eventual saltpeter usage:

You advanced to level 45 of engineering!

Engineering Level 45

Obviously didn't do the whole level on ashes... I had also done a few rounds of H/D indicators bag mixing at the turquoise earlier this week.

Anyway, I think that catches me up. Haven't posted since Monday because not really much happening, just lots and lots of mixing.

Oh, I did spend an hour or so on the desert chims at some point, but wasn't really in the mood for it so didn't for long. Really should do that more on my good astro days, to work on eventually getting off the Attack god. And well, my next OA is a wraith visit one. Mixing my way to it seems... ugh, heh.

Still need to make a bit more gc. Planning to get a manu level soon which means buying leather and thread stock, and I really can't afford that much at the moment. Definitely going to have to use Trik instead of the school this time, to reduce the cost, even if it will take a lot longer.

Current plans:
1- More essie stock, particularly HEs (for me and sell on bot)
2- Mix hydro bars and buy nexus
3- essies to mana drain 500 bears with radiation shields (magic level)
4- leather helms for manu level

And squeeze in some time kicking the DCs to get my a/d up, mostly attack.

Monday, October 12, 2009

The Summoner. The Mage. The Levels.

Spent quite a bit of time yesterday on the bears, mana draining and spitting out radiation shields and collecting their furs...

You advanced to level 66 of magic!

Magic Level 66

And yes, all I'm wearing in that pic is a tunic and mod cape. Bears barely touch me so armor isn't needed, and I kill them quick. It really is just magic training and fur collecting.

Also I'm testing them to see how long I can keep kicking bears without them breaking. ;)

Rest of yesterday was spent mostly harving coal for my S2E bars. Also got the iron bars done mixing at the iron.

This morning I did a few rounds of steel bars, but on realising how good my make rare/fail astro was, I hit the gypsum and stayed there the majority of the day, bagmixing bear stones.

You advanced to level 38 of summoning!

Summoning Level 38

Grabbed 2 more archery AP pots while I was selling off the bear stones, slowly working my way on those up to the 60 maximum. With these I'm up to Archery AP: 7.

Not really in a rush to max that out, just grabbing a few pots when I can and slowly working it up.

Things 2 do: Well, gc is starting to look like it's gonna be an issue again. So I gotta blend in a bit of gc-making in the near future. But as it stands...

1- Finish bars/S2Es for nexus (working on as I type this)
2- hydro runs - hydro bar mixing - buy nexus (as always, won't indicate when I'm gonna do the runs, heh)
3- Make some GC! Stock my bot with essies, whatever it takes...
4- 500 more bears to mana drain + rad shield (hellbent on getting rid of magic god as quick as possible)
5- Mix indicators for eng 45
6- Get a manu level... OMG, leather helms!

The fun never stops! :P

Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Beautiful Day to Level!

Yesterday, hit about 200 bears with Mana Drain and radiation shields, decided to do some mixing as I couldn't continue to focus on them. Started work on LEs for bear summoning stones.

This morning continued the LE work but... Sun Tzu! During an off-peak hour. Quickly geared up and got to Melinis for a DC spawn, and stayed there for the full 6 hours.

You advanced to level 105 of attack!

Attack Level 105

Followed about 1.5 hours later by...

You advanced to level 106 of defense!

Defense Level 106

Sweet :P

Add to that... when Sun Tzu was over, I had less than 300k experience to go to hit an Overall level.

However, I was quite bored with chim training by that point, decided to get those points via the LEs I still needed to mix (and harv silver for).

So several hours later... (I had to stop and eat in there somewhere, hehe)

Your overall level is now 138!

Overall Level 138

Oh me, oh my! Wooohoo! :D

Now another problem... at that point, I ended up with less than 200k alch experience to go for another alch level!


Considering how hard it is to get an alch level these days, that's just too damn close for my inner power-leveler, so... more mixing! More LEs, then went to restock the HEs I used up during Sun Tzu...

You advanced to level 112 of alchemy!

Alchemy Level 112

\o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ 4 triple-digit levels in one day!

Uhm tired... that's enough for one day, hehe.

Tomorrow I should finish MD-ing bears with rad shields for a magic level, then hit the gypsum for sum stones if my astro is good. If not, start work on the final S2E batch for my next nexus buy.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Another Crafting Level... Back to "Da Bears"

Got my silver meds and moon meds mixed yesterday...

You advanced to level 50 of crafting!

Crafting Level 50

The "50" milestone... doesn't feel like much considering rank-wise it's still my 3rd lowest skill.

# Potion 103 (10)
# Alchemy 111 (22)
# Ranging 38 (31)
# Tailoring 32 (49)
# Engineering 44 (63)
# Manufacturing 65 (74)
# Harvest 96 (103)
# Summoning 37 (113)
# Magic 65 (226)
# Crafting 50 (268)
# Attack 104 (287)
# Defense 105 (331)

First number is level, in parentheses is my rank compared to other players. Obviously some skills are much easier to climb rank-wise than level-wise because of the number of people doing it. Crafting has a steeper climb rank-wise than many other skills. Well, and I really haven't focused much on it.

At least 22 more crafting levels to get into the top 50, and I'm not working on it that hard so that's a long way off.

Meanwhile, it's back to magic and the grizzlies. I got all the air, magic, and energy essies I need to MD 500 bears and do 500 radiation shields while doing it... just need to make another 1k of matter essies. Which takes a while considering I have to mix at the ings, none or very little in storage.

So the agenda now is...
- finish the matter essies
- MD 500 bears w/rad shields
- LEs for bear stones
- Mix about 420 bear stones for summon level
- harv/mix my final batch of S2Es for nexus
- Hydro runs - mix hydro bars - buy Artificial 5

And by that point, I should also see another Alchemy level, hehe. Definitely before I finish the bars for the S2Es.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

S2Es Done, and the Crafting Begins

Finished the 3rd batch of S2Es for my next nexus. 2 more modable S2Es out of it... those are some serious dust-collectors. :/

But for a batch of 125 (4 batches per nexus), I always work up the bars for 130. That allows for some ing loss and modables. And since no ing loss, that's 128 S2Es. The extras eventually get used as "spare" hydro bars should I need them to make other items.

Made some HEs for my own restock, and started to work on other things.

Participated in the Naralik invasion the other night, died due to constant resyncing... I guess I just can't participate in those flooded-small-map invasions. :/

Yesterday's harving turned out interesting as well... 1 serp stone, 2 binding stones, and a rostogol in one day. :)

Working on a few things at once now, mainly due to semi-afk harving what I need for several different things, and mixing when I'm more focused.

- Started a batch of 600 moon medallions that is more than enough for a crafting level. Got the WEs made and saps polished yesterday. Got the coal harved for silver bars, working on buying the FEs, making them as a last resort.

- Harving sunflowers for an eventual 8k or so LEs to cover enough bear stones for a summon level.

- Mixed the magic essies, now need to work on AEs, EnEs, and MatEs for yet another round of MD-ing 500 bears and radiation shields.

The bear rounds are coming frequently in my goal list so I can get my magic up and drop that god as soon as possible. Maybe 20 more levels.

After those are done, I'll get to making my final S2E batch to make the hydro bars to buy Artificial 5.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Magically Bearicious

Finished the coal harving yesterday morning, just gotta start harving iron and mixing bars for my S2Es.

Meanwhile, decided to hit the bears with some mana drains and pump out radiation shields between.

Usual routine, until someone decided it would be funny to waste a bunch of time trying to serp the bear spawn I was on. Stats indicated they'd probably just gotten to the point where they could kill a bear, with lots of heals and a not-quite-great sword.

However, in the end he was really no match for someone like me who can easily box bears without armor and start attacking quicker with MD spell. With halberd maybe 2 hits most, which is what I'd decided to use on this trip. Slightly faster than boxing them, and I had 500 to do.

Was quite an annoyance though. Eventually had to #ignore the guy because he kept spamming me with offers to buy my halberd for a lousy 30kgc. I'd never sell my halberd, much less for such a pathetic price.

Ended up leaving a gossip message for one of his higher-level guildmates. Explained the situation to them, and they're going to have a chat with him. Turned out the serper-wannabe was 11 years old...

I'm leaving his name out because of that, and because his guild is going to deal with him.

Anyway, he eventually left and I got my 500 bears finished in peace...

You advanced to level 65 of magic!

Magic Level 65

Got the iron bars done last night after that. Also mixed some MoPs to make Speed Hax to sell on my bot. See if anyone's biting. I've seen a few in use at least.

Today, went straight to mixing steel bars, bag mixing at the iron. After that... well, that alone is close to 15k more iron to harv, and add on mixing time and I'll be busy on that quite a while.

But plans after the S2Es:
1- Moon Meds for 50th crafting level
2- Bear Stones for 38th summoning level
3- More mana drain/rad shields on a bear spawn

Gotta get use out of that magic god while I got it, heh. Don't really want to keep it for too long. And hmmmm... still want to get another engineer level in there somewhere.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Still a Little Quiet Here

Been pretty quiet post-wise here, but doesn't mean I've been away.

Spent a lot of time harving and mixing essies for stock. Now I'm back to working on a few goals...

- Got all the essies done for MD-ing 500 bears, and 500 radiation shields in between
- Got some potion flower supplies harved to make a few MoPs that I need
- Got all the FEs done/bought, and over half the coal, for making more bars for my next batch of S2Es

Also working on "transforming" IWannaRock bot. Used to have a lot of potions on it... however, with the recent dropping of the potion goddess, I don't really want to be spending a lot of time potioning just to keep it stocked.

Currently trying out alchemy items... all essies, most bars, that kind of thing. Seeing how that goes. If it works I'll keep that up with at least the best selling things. He'll also buy these items at reasonable prices to help stay stocked (and help lower level alchers who just want a quick sale to be able to work more on leveling).

He'll still have a few potions on him, though mostly experimenting with hard-sell potions. No more SRs and such though. Needing SRs myself too much now for summon stones.

Anyway, the current plan:
- Finish coal harving
- 500 MD-ed bears + rad shields (magic level)
- iron harv/bar mix/S2E mix

May sneak another Engineering level in there somewhere as well, hehe.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Preoccupation Hasn't Stopped Me Yet, Hehe

Despite being preoccupied with some RL stuff of late, still going strong. Currently on a break from my usual goals just to work on some stock essies.

Also spent 2 hours this morning kicking desert chims, "just because". Seemed like as good a time as any to do it.

But the power leveler in me hasn't been completely on vacation. Like 2 days ago...

You advanced to level 37 of summoning!

Summoning Level 37

Or yesterday (you know I had to do it now that I got Eng god, hehe)...

You advanced to level 44 of engineering!

Engineering Level 44

As well, woke up this morning to find a whole 20 minutes of Joule day left... *cry* But I took advantage of it, mixed some indicators, and got another half an engineering level in that little time. :P

Anyway, back to mixing Energy essies in the feros cave. Think this'll be my last batch, wanna get some other essies stocked a bit as well...