Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Offline a Lot, Still Managing to Progress

Well, since last update, I've spent much less time than normal playing. Real-life among other things...

As well, spent a lot of that online time focusing on stuff that's not in my normal power-leveling mode. Harvesting stock, mixing minor crap like FEs and WEs... things that don't really bring the levels at my stage.

But still managed to make progress in a few skills despite that. But first...

The New EL Client Update

I was pushing earlier for a new incremental update for the EL client due to the incredible number of fixes and changes that had been done to the GIT code for it.

And it's about to happen! No date set yet, but communications with those working on it indicate we're only waiting for one thing to be finished and a release will be ready.

Besides the fixes to the client which anyone can already get via the GIT code, there's some map fixing done, as well as new stuff being added.

I am privy to some of the new stuff, but won't be providing that info since it was told in confidence. I'll only say "expect some new stuff". ;-)

Pear Hunts

While not the fun they used to be after all this time, I have continued to do them as they still provide a little extra gc despite their price drop. And I have a few "clients" who at least semi-regularly buy them now.

Having been offline a lot, my name hasn't appeared much in blue spam for them. And sometimes even if I'm online I haven't hunted simply due to being busy doing real-life things... only online to semi-afk harvest.

But on those times I've hunted since last update, I've had a 95% success rate. The other 5% being when it appeared on a map like White Stone which I never search, or it being unreachable. Only once of those times being found by someone else first, and that was a regular harver who sheer-luck stumbled on it while doing their normal harving, heh.

But generally not actually caring about it. As long as I have enough stock for my regular customers, I'm good to go.

Guild Maps

The response to the guild map writeups I've done so far (see the column to the right on this page) has been generally positive, even from guild members of said maps where members still exist.

Most just interested in getting to see the maps as they likely never will while playing.

Of those actually in the guilds, they seem content that while I've shown their map, I've not given any clues as to the map's location or even how to get around it where such things are secret. Nor have I provided that info elsewhere such as in-game. And yeah, I've had people use alts to test me with that.

There is, of course, the occasional idiot. (You can read one of them on the comments on the Limited Addiction map writeup comments. Includes of course my response showing them just how stupid they are.)

I have quite a few more maps to go, and as well I haven't stopped looking for others that I haven't found yet. So just because I haven't done a write-up doesn't mean I haven't found it, hehe. The writeups, complete with detailed screenshots, just take a while.

Meanwhile, During Game Play

Getting Crafty

Being one of the three gods I have these days, and one of my under-100 skills, Crafting is one of my main priorities these days.

As such, it has probably gotten the most attention in my limited gameplay of late.

Five levels in it since last update. School Days of course played a large part of that, poofing Paper in the school as I had the ings for it.

But I've done some normal crafting as well. My bot's been doing a good job of selling various C2 rings, so I have mixed those as needed to keep it stocked.

You advanced to level 83-87 of crafting!

Attack 137

Thar Be Treasure in the Eng School!

I do try to keep a stock of treasure finder ings when I can. Despite my no longer focusing on this skill, it's still good for leveling, working towards overall levels.
Which led to two more levels on a recent Eng day, just poofing what I had stock for, not using the entire game day.

You advanced to level 112-113 of engineering!

Attack 137

Oh Right, Those Combat Levels

Still not focused on combat. Still doing dailies every day. I can be seen kicking stuff occasionally outside of dailies, but that's normally more for trying to break whatever I'm wearing so not exactly best experience for the time.
Still... these happen.

You advanced to level 138 of defense!

Attack 137

That's All, Folks...

Limited game play makes for limited levels, especially when trying to get as high of levels as I am working on in most skills.