Friday, June 21, 2013

Alch 137, OA 163, and More Than a Bit More

Figgered it's time to stop my laziness and update...

Pears R Us

Yeah, the hunts continue. However I'm probably hunting less than half the time that I used to, thus my name showing up less. Real life calls, and as well when I'm actually playing there are times I prefer to continue working on a project instead. Pears don't create levels after all. (Though they do help pay for things like School Day stones, hehe.)

Current count is 382 pears found.

The Gods Must Be... Used

Current gods being alchemy, manufacturing, and magic, I've of coursed been leaning heavily on those skills.

Alchemy - Tons of essies are required for Magic, so I've gotten a lot of experience from that. As well as mixing for other things, like self-crafting my ring stash.

As well, stockpiling magic essie ings for School Days, of which I've personally used 5 stones for since the last update. Some for manu, some for alch.

You advanced to level 136 and 137 of alchemy!

Alchemy 137

Magic - A difficult skill to level when you're not using any form of PvP in gameplay, thus the method most use, mana draining each other, is not an option.

I have made my levels without that, and plan to hit a goal level of 100 without resorting to it either.

So how? I explored all the spells that don't require other people to use, and checked their experience-per-gc to see which were the most cost-efficient. From there I weighed in time factors... speed of power-using the spell with mana limitations, time to mix all the necessary essences and SR potions, and so on.

I came up with 3 spells I'd primarily level with...
1- Magic Immunity - Best exp/gc that doesn't require another person.
2- True Sight - More expensive, but much faster experience due to less mana used and much more experience per spell. Stock for this when I can for use on Magic Days, though generally use MI.
3- Mana Drain - Not in any PvP sense, I've taken to using MD when kicking FCWs. This is a 3rd option that runs far behind the first 2, as I don't feel like doing this often. But it does end up being an inexpensive option thanks to FCW drops. Mostly pays for itself and then some.

At any rate... since last update:

You advanced to level 82-84 of magic!

Magic 84

Manufacturing - The third god skill. A goal of 100 still to be achieved, but it's slowly getting there. I figure 3 more full school days should be enough to accomplish that, it's just a matter of affording and stocking the leather/thread.

Though occasionally I have taken the Trik route, for some slower but much cheaper experience.

You advanced to level 93-96 of manufacturing!

Manu 95

The Overall Experience

Managed two more Overall levels since the last update, something not easily gotten at these levels.

Your overall level is now 162-163!

Overall 163

Away from the Gods, other skills  do get some attention.

A/D continues primarily via dailies.

You advanced to level 131-132 of defense!

Defense 132

You advanced to level 131-132 of attack!

Attack 132

And well, other skills have been randomly played with:

You advanced to level 115-116 of harvesting!

Harvesting 116

You advanced to level 112 of potion!

Potion 112

You advanced to level 64-66 of ranging!

Ranging 64

You advanced to level 68-69 of tailoring!

Tailoring 69

You advanced to level 72 of crafting!

Crafting 72

For potion and crafting, those were the first time I've leveled those in quite a long while. Neither has any focus for now, just mixing potions for myself, and crafting rings for myself. That eventually led to these levels. Both will have much more focus after a few god changes.

What got left out? Summoning... Big plans for that soon enough (again after god changes), don't wanna waste ings before I get the god so I am doing some stocking for it. Engineering is completely off my radar for now though, although I will poof amber on an engineering day in the school as it stockpiles. Not stupid enough to ignore that killer experience.

Future plans:
1- Pear hunts as I feel like it or have time, less than before but still regular.
2- Power-level alchemy until I reach my goal and switch that to crafting god.
3- Power-level manufacturing (3 more school days as I can afford them) to drop it and take summoning god.
4- Continue doing what I can on magic, not expecting to reach my goal on it anytime soon, but slow and steady will help continue to poof up the level.
5- Um... seriously, that's enough. I have other things I do, but those are the only real plans.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Exploring Guild Maps I - KotP

Notice: This is just a look at some of the guild maps that have been made for Eternal Lands. This blog provides no secrets.
The entrances to these maps and any secrets to get around them will never be posted, nor will I provide them so don't ask.

View all Guild Map exploration via the Guildmaps tag.

KotP, "Knights of the Prophecy" is a guild that hasn't existed in quite a long time. Guild maps being of a more permanent nature, they left theirs behind for others to some day stumble on and wonder... wtf is this place? ;-)

At any rate, it's still in the game...

Guard Bot: No (guild no longer exists, so...)

PK: Not on first entry. Several PK areas and rooms, not all are marked.

Basics: The map starts in a non-pk area. You go through 2 pk areas to get to a non-pk castle. This is essentially a long hall of rooms, each room belonging to one of the guild members, their name showing in the room.

1) Should I stay or should I go?


2) Obligatory Guild Tag


3) Suddenly feeling the need to take a wizz...


4) After 2 minor PK areas, the entrance to the KotP castle.


5) Oh right, the first of the PK areas.


6) Asha's Room


7) ShadowCot's Room


8) CelticWolf's Room


9) Ephemeral's Room


10) Stewiedmd's Room


11) Decisions, decisions... End of the hall, which way to go?


12) A PK arena room... because all the other rooms with PK arenas wasn't enough. Oh, obligatory guild tag II.


13) Meeting hall, looks almost exactly like the last pk arena room, only not pk. Oh, obligatory guild tag III.


14) Hmmm... going down?


15) And oh, another PK arena!


The end... if you want to explore it, you'll have to find it yourself. As I said, I provide no secrets. I found it, so can you. ;-)