Thursday, March 3, 2011

Catching Up, Mostly via Alchemy

I've actually been actively playing, despite my silence here. The past few days though I've been busy so mostly in an afk-harving mode. Specifically, harving flowers for eventual mixing of another 3k of creature food. Got all those harved now and started mixing extracts this morning.

Alchemy Mania

But prior to the flower harving, I've been keeping busy, particularly with Alchemy.

500,000 Health Essences

I reached the 500k mark for mixing Health Essies during all this. :P

You advanced to level 124 of alchemy!

Alchemy Level 124

You advanced to level 125 of alchemy!

Alchemy Level 125

Heh, don't be fooled, it took forever and a day to get those levels. Some serious health, energy, and (to a much lesser extent) life essence grinding.

Other Skills

I also got a couple levels in other skills, but those were due to special days (ranging) and dailies (defense).

You advanced to level 118 of defense!

Defense level 118

You advanced to level 46 of ranging!

Ranging level 46

And well, in all that, I finally managed another of these...

Your overall level is now 149!

Overall level 149

The Phoenix Shift

I dunno what I'll do with the phoenix. But then, I didn't have big hopes for the mule and it's become quite useful since I fully leveled it many moons ago. We'll see.

In the meantime, this all-rounder is leveling the phoenix as well. Spent some time in phoenix form to get it up to level 5.

Phoenix in C2 Portal Room

Yeah, you can still get into the C2 portal room without magic. Just takes a while. But I was bored. ;)

And I got curious about how the invisible phoenix would look...

Invisible Phoenix

Future Plans

Current future plans are...
1- Mix 3k creature food, I'm out of it.
2- Continue mixing HEs and EnEs for alchemy leveling
3- Hopefully get around to leveling engineering, the god is getting wasted of late.
4- Hopefully get around to mixing helms at Trik, the manu god is getting wasted of late.