Monday, October 8, 2012

Animal (Level Like a Beast)

So much to catch up on here... gonna skip showing every level screenshot as well, things like 8 pics of leveling tailoring in the tailor school are pretty much the same. ;-)

Pear Money

A few ways I've used "extra" gc from pear money for community benefit. 2 more Nobel stones in storage waiting for later use as well.


I finally brought my bot back, and he's been quite active providing good prices for both buying and selling. I do what I can to keep prices on him low, as he's used as a means of easier selling for me, not artificially hiking prices like many others do.


This of course continues to be worked on, both intentionally (there's been poofing of magic essies in school on school days, continued health essie mixing for cheaper experience, etc.) and unintentionally (making essies out of necessity for other skills, such as Energy for poofing Eng Point Defense in school or Life for Summoning Days).

I do eventually want to get a dozen or so more levels in this skill before removing Alchemy goddess, but she's the last one of my current three I plan to remove, thus the least focus of the three.

You advanced to level 132 of alchemy!

Alchemy 132


These continue to still be leveled almost solely on Haidir dailies. I've taken advantage of Sun Tzu on rare occasion, but even then only a couple hours.

You advanced to level 126 of attack!

Attack 126

You advanced to level 126 of defense!

Defense 126


This skill is not a focus at all at this time. In this case though, I'd run low on ings for other skills on a school day during a period that several occured, and only had crafting ings to work with left.

I plan to return to this skill someday, but likely not until after I've gotten Engineering and Manufacturing up and switch gods.

You advanced to level 71 of crafting!

Crafting 71


This has been a priority, being one of my 3 gods, and wanting it (and manu) to be my next 100+ skills. An extreme amount of time was spent in Eng school poofing Point Defense, and as well a lot of mixing of ashes/saltpeter for dyes for tailoring. 2 Nobel Day stones bought and used, and 2 more Nobel Day stones waiting for me to restock my ings.

I'm moving up to poofing "Failure Predictors" from now on though, as I've reached a level where, though Point Defense would still be cheaper, they become an annoying time-consuming way to level even on Nobel days.

Six levels in this skill since my last non-pear post.

You advanced to level 76-81 of engineering!

Engineering 81


Most use PVP to level this via mana drains. As I don't PVP for any reason (my gameplay method), I've had to find other ways. Not that I've been focusing on this much.

Of late as I mentioned in the past, that's primarily been mana drains and radiation shields while sitting on grizzly bear spawns. More expensive and slower than the PVP method, but good for non-PVPers. Use a radiation shield (not beneficial to the bear, just the highest means to using up 30 mana), mana drain and kill the bear (drain 30 mana). Repeat.

This has of course helped with collecting bear furs for Summoning stones as well.

I have other faster though more expensive plans for this skill to level faster, but they won't be started until I switch to this god, which is the next one I plan to take once Manufacturing hits 100.

Until then, the majority of this one level actually came from daily portal room visits (of which there are a lot with pear hunting among other things) and healing.

You advanced to level 77 of magic!

Magic 77


For a while I took a break from this, but have started doing it more again now that I've stabled my gc income a bit.

This is getting leveled through a combo of two means:

1- Big Book of Manufacturing - Unless I'm reading something else, I'm constantly reading these now. 72k experience each with manu god.

2- Leather Helms at Trik - I may go back to using schools for this at some point, but at the moment with using up a lot of gc in other skill schools, this skill needs a cheaper means.

For the helms, I mix a k or 2 at storage, then when making runs to Trik to mix there, I bring a full load of those with me for an additional speed benefit.

Two levels since my last non-pear update.

You advanced to level 82-83 of manufacturing!

Manu 83


These are slow to come by these days, but they do come... the pic is me in Eng school on Nobel day, poofing Point Defense.

Your overall level is now 157!

Manu 81


Summon Days have gotten me to get a few levels in this. Including using a special secret I will never show here, hehe, so I won't be screenshotting those levels. But the below one (for 56) doesn't show that.

Three levels since my last update.

You advanced to level 56-58 of summoning!

Summon 56


For some reason, I chose to focus a lot on this of late... to a point where it's not even one of my two lowest skills anymore, something I thought would never happen.

A huge chunk of my gc spending has been going into this, poofing blue dyes and nowadays blue fabrics in the Tailoring skill school on School Days.

This includes a lot of speed hax use since the school is such a walk from any storage, making it a bit more tolerable to use.

Eight(!) levels since last update!

You advanced to level 52-59 of tailoring!

Tailoring 59

That's all, folks...

This Jack-of-all-trades has continued to work in a variety of skills, focused on them or not. The only skills not represented in this update:

1- Potion - I'm actually close to getting a level, mostly from mixing SRs for use for summoning stones and personal use. I've had no focus on this skill at all.

2- Ranging - Not a focus, though it will be soon, just because I sometimes put focus on my lowest skill and this is it.

3- Harvesting - I have no plans to ever focus on leveling this again. I don't go for high harv experience on new hours, I just harvest what I need as I need it.

Though of late my second harvestable item did hit 1,000,000 harvs... iron. It is now my 2nd 1 million harvs item, just under blue star flowers.

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