Monday, January 28, 2013

Return to Eternity

Since the last update, I played a bit longer, but then got sidetracked for a couple months by a big real life project, which will continue to have me off on occasion over the coming months, just not completely gone.

And it's taken a while since return since I've had time to work on an update here.

There's been some upping of the levels though. Rather than going through every level like I normally do, just gonna cover the bigger stuff in summary as the other would take too long.


Since the last pear update, there's been 50 more found.

I've decided to stop showing all the screenshots for pear finds. There's too many of them. ;-)

The screenshots are all generally looking the same now. I may post a few more interesting finds in the future, but basically put they're not different than the many posted before.


I've kinda-sorta started working on this again... not in any power-leveling way like the mana drain methods, but I'm trying to use magic more when like mixing at storage, using TS magic instead of pots when hunting invisible rats, mana drains when kicking DCWs and FCWs, anywhere I can toss some magic in, I do.

Once I hit my Engineering goal, I plan to switch that god to Magic, then with my "above average" alch skills combined go for some massive magic leveling. I've even started stocking for that.

The days of mana draining bears, the method I used to use on magic days, are essentially over. I focused on bears since I could use their furs for summoning, but I'm working on switching to tiger stones now so no more use for those furs.

For now, one magic level... gotten while doing a tele-to-range.

You advanced to level 78 of magic!

Magic 78


Still continue to be almost exclusively leveled by dailies, though I have found myself more frequently doing a round or three on one of the double FCW spawns. Mixing skills will continue to be dominant for the foreseeable future.

You advanced to level 127 of attack!

Attack 127

You advanced to level 128 of defense!

Defense 128


There's been a motherload of hydro harved. A good 13k or so in the past several months. The skill itself, not being paid attention to, I level when I level, I don't look for high experience. But...

You advanced to level 113 of harvesting!

Harvesting 113


My "other god" that I have a goal for, so I can get it switched to another. I still have quite a way to go on that goal, probably get to my Engineering goal first.

But books are being regularly read, helms are mixed both at Trik and in the school when I can afford it (most gc going to other things at the moment). And the skill is getting a decent amount of attention.

You advanced to level 86 of manufacturing! (book finished)

Manufacturing 86

You advanced to level 87-88 of manufacturing! (both in school)

Manufacturing 87


It's wonderful to finally hit one of these on the rare occasions I do. ;-) I've given up on focusing on getting to the next one though, just letting them happen naturally as I power-level in various skills.

Your overall level is now 159!

Overall 159


I've taken advantage of several ranging days, which has gotten me another 5 levels since my last update.

You advanced to level 51-55 in ranging! (all done in arena)

Ranging 55


No god, so no focused plan. I intend to continue leveling this, though on a brief hiatus as I need the gc to work on other skills.

But a school day with a stock of fabric ings led to another 4 levels.

You advanced to level 61-64 in tailoring! (all done in school)

Tailoring 64

And the big one... Engineering

A labor of... labor. I've dropped Point Defense as the leveling item now, as those are starting to take forever to get to the next level and have become a waste of good Eng Day time. Those still working up, yes, they're awesome, keep using them until you're ready to move on to...

Failure predictors. We're heading into heavy ing territory here.

I got a couple levels before my 2-month hiatus, then:

With stone in hand, I spent close to the full 6 hours on a day I clicked into existence doing non-stop failure predictor mixing, which led to 5 levels.

You can see what was left in my bag as I got the last level in that in the image below. I continued mixing for another 2/3 or so of a level before ings finally ran out. (And for the hyperbag jumpers, no, I have nothing left in there, hehe.)

You advanced to level 86-90 in engineering! (all done in school)

Engineering 90

Yes, it took quite a long while to build that hyperbag before setting off the #day stone.

I started collecting ings for Treasure Finders at this point, but due to focus on other skills I wasn't heavily focused on it. Did get about 3 hours worth to mix though when another Eng Day came along, and poofed them in speed hax mode between sto and school, carrying only ings for 11 at a time as they're quite heavy.

And that led to another 5 levels. (Yes, the below image shows almost 4 hours of the day having passed, but first half hour was spent pear hunting, and another half hour I had to go off for a bit. It was only about 3 hours of actual running and mixing.)

You advanced to level 91-95 in engineering! (all done in school)

Engineering 95

The Continuation...

Engineering is slowly being stocked, for an eventual Eng Day where I'll poof to getting my next level 100 skill.

Meanwhile, alchemy is getting a boost as I've begun stocking for the eventual switch to magic god after that, plus personal mixing and some HE sales on my bot.

Manufacturing will get another jolt very soon. I just need to get off my ass transform into a mule to haul a motherload of leather now that I got some gc for it.

Hmmm, that's not surprisingly all three of my skills with gods. ;-)

I'm stocked for another ranging day should that come up, prepared to stop and use it.

Yeah, that's about it. Oh right, I may go look for some pears, too. Maybe. Possibly.

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