Wednesday, February 6, 2013

OA 160 and Another Skill Over 100

Been a long time, but finally got another 100+ skill.

Engineering the Amber Away

Two more Engineering days led to 6 more levels.

You advanced to level 96-101 of engineering!

Engineering 101

And with that, I hit my current goal of making it a 100+ skill.

Pray to the New God

That goal was what I was waiting for in order to drop the Engineering god. I continue to hold on to both Alchemy and Manu gods. Of the choices available removing those gods and their enemies, Magic seemed to be the best option.

So, Eng god is now gone, and Magic is in.

Which in turn will help with Alchemy. My goal for it is still a long way off, but Magic leveling will require tons of essies, which I'll end up mixing the overwhelming majority of.

And the Overall Is...

Besides that huge goal, another overall landmark was hit.

Your overall level is now 160!

Overall 160

Granted, the power-leveling of Engineering covered a motherload of the experience needed for that OA.

Further OA's likely won't come as quickly. Now that I'm off the Eng god... Magic can't be power-leveled anywhere near as quickly, especially as someone who doesn't PVP as a rule, so MD sessions aren't an option.

The Alchemist In Me

Holy Health, BurnMan!


I'm only 128 a/d, so obviously the overwhelming number of those were put on market.

Part of what led to...

You advanced to level 134 of alchemy!

Alchemy 134

In itself, a helluva level.

Forest Chims are Magical

Been doing some occasional double FCW bashing, using MD of course for extra magic experience...

You advanced to level 79 of magic!

Magic 79

It's The Daily Show with Burn Stewart!

Okay, that was bad... the occasional FCW bashings of course help with some experience, but I don't do it often enough for it to make a real dent in leveling a/d. That continues to remain primarily from dailies.

You advanced to level 128 of attack!

Attack 128

Just Break It

Steel set is finally broken as of today. The quest continues... my Titanium set is already degraded and ready to go.

Was waiting for the tit set before starting to focus on the swords as well, though I do use degraded ones when I need to use one just in case I could get a break. My coming training/magic leveling and such will require a sword of some sort so I have a pack of degraded ones ready to try and break. Only the scythe has been done thus far.

The Future...

The next big goal is getting Manu up to 100, where I will drop that god. I plan most of my gc to be going into it now, combining school days with Trik runs for lesser expense.

As well, continuing a heavier focus on Alchemy, mixing up tons of essies needed to work on magic. I haven't fully decided on leveling process for magic, but I'm using a lot more where possible, including regular rounds on the dual-FCW spawns for health and mana drain, and regular TS usage "just because". I'll work out a more specific plan for leveling it soon.

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