Monday, November 18, 2013

Yet Another Hiatus

Simply... a combination of both computer issues as well as eye problems has led to my not being in the game for a while.

The eye issue is resolved.

The computer issue... I'm hoping it's resolved. Currently in a "test phase" for it, so I'll be back in the game occasionally. Won't do any heavy play for a while until I'm certain comp issues are fixed.

As for the comp, it's a new one I put together part by part that's much better than my last one. Just having graphic issues, hoping it's dealt with and not a graphic card problem.

But with my new system I can now play with full graphics, as opposed to the close-to-poor-man settings I used as can be seen in screenshots before. My new system can handle essentially full heavy graphic settings and not have a FPS problem.

Just a matter of making sure a buggy issue is fixed.

Anyway, that's the status. Back when I'm back.

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