Friday, October 3, 2014

The 8th Skill to Hit 100 and Then Some

New Guild Map Exploration! I've just done an exploration write-up for a 15th guild map. This time it's Ozu! that got the treatment.

"Only" 4 more skills left that haven't hit a 3-digit number. Yeah, it's really an arbitrary goal considering 100 is just over 2% of the experience to maximum 179. I prefer not to think about that. ;-)

But since the last update, I did some school power-leveling for several more levels to hit 100 in Crafting.

Sponsored School Day

You advanced to level 97-100 of crafting!

Crafting 100

And with that, more God changes. Though two of the 4 skills left do not have gods, so new god thinking is more where they'll help most as I work on these 4 skills. Primary work is now focused on magic, and summoning. Tailoring and Ranging being worked on as best options to do so occur.

Otherwise, I've also taken myself out of the possibility of doing 140-limit invasions as both att and def are now 141.

You advanced to level 141 of attack!

Attack 141

The overall levels continue to roll in at their slow, slow speed as I get closer to the 179 limit...

Your overall level is now 172!

Overall 172

Being the number one alchemist is apparently not enough as well, I gotta continue to work on it in order to keep that spot. ;-)

You advanced to level 142 of alchemy!

Alchemy 142

Potion really hasn't been worked on, mostly just mixing what I need, be it creature food and its required extracts, or stocking my SRs.

You advanced to level 115 of potion!

Potion 115

I really do need to focus more on Summoning, seeing as I have the god, but recent times I've been off the game more often than on and unable to focus on it. I do of course continue doing the daily for it...

You advanced to level 79 of summoning!

Potion 115

I don't do invasions often... I'll sometimes search for stragglers in portal invasions so others can kick them or such, but I may start getting more involved in them later as I'm wanting to put my ranging to use. In a Melinis invasion not long back, I sat on the wall pinning a motherload of stuff to make it easier for the fighters to walk around and pick off critters. Once it was getting clear I spent some time ranging a few pinned ones, solo.

Pinned Invaders

Ranging Invaders

Oh yeah, started the last armor break quest, though I haven't been fighting enough to actually get it done at any good speed. I did, however, have my first break while doing a yeti daily.

Broken Red Dragon Helm

And finally, the most expensive leveling I've ever done... started White Wizard Hats in the school on tailoring days. Once you're able to successfully mix 2 or more of the 22 or 23 that can be carried to the school in one trip, those become the cheapest method to level in the school despite all the critical fails.

So around level 76 I started mixing them in the school, despite them having a recommended level of 89. And it's working, albeit painfully. Since my last update, there's been two tailoring days that I was online to take advantage of at least partially, and 7 levels came from those.

You advanced to level 78-84 of tailoring!

Tailoring 84

Pear hunts have continued, when I've felt like it. Honestly they don't hold much interest for me anymore, especially now that the market for them is seriously dead. Radu really needs to give them another use as the Big Book market, which they were primarily used for, isn't anywhere near as big as it once was. If I hunt, it's more out of boredom now, the need to do something different than harv and mix. The count is now up to 874 finds. While I'd like to hit 1000 before I "retire" from it, cost effectiveness is a huge factor at this point, and unless the market changes for them, that's not gonna happen. I honestly can't recommend anyone get into the hunting game at this point, as you're going to find yourself losing gc in the long run.

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