Wednesday, June 10, 2015

1.9.5 Work Begins

Map work plans have been laid out for the next client, after multiple talks with Acelon about where to go with the next release.

Having now had a break from the map editor for a while, it's time to start working on said plans.

With 1.9.4, I spent an astronomical amount of time going through every individual map, "cleaning up" the height tiling and other issues. This time, that's done, so I can focus primarily on adding new stuff. There are of course minor fixes to be done throughout the maps, but that's little time spent.

And new stuff, oh my.

We're aiming for around Jan-Feb 2016, so 7-8 months to work. A good thing since the "entire" map team is myself, and Acelon when he's able to get things done.

Like last time, I can't state much about what's planned, but some hints:

1) One current C2 map is getting a massive overhaul. New buildings, new paths, design work redone, and one particular addition that many will very much welcome.

2) Another current C2 map is getting "built up". A ton of new things added to it, and changes to what's already there.

3) Assuming Acelon has the time, he'll have a major brand new addition that will definitely be interesting.

4) A new building somewhere that it should have been added a long time ago.

5) The "ultimate secret" place. Unlike any secret seen before.

6) A current "building" on C1 to be demolished and completely rebuilt.

7) A possible new major cave system, with at least one item of interest within it.

And possibly more.

Or less. All plans subject to change depending on time constraints due to real life.

#2 will definitely get done, as I've already started work on it. #1 is pretty much guaranteed as well as I've already planned a lot of it.

C3? Before talk of that starts... no, it's not happening. Building an entire new continent is way outside of the realm of possibility with just two people. And after talks, was deemed simply extraneous as the player base these days is already well spread out with just the current two. While that doesn't mean there won't be new maps in the future, there won't be an entire new major continent.

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