Sunday, May 9, 2010

7 levels in 7 skills

Game play has been limited to a few hours most days. This includes spending up to an hour getting all five daily quests done.

Though as of yesterday, I've stopped doing the newest daily. It's been hosed with the inclusion of asking for 3 tit chain mails. Noone makes these due to the EFE, which is sought after for too many other reasons and expensive. So the only ones available on market are drops, and those have pretty much dried up quickly with so many people looking for them for the quest now.

Just not worth it.

But I continue doing the other 4 dailies. I've considered dropping the Tatu mule daily though, as the incredibly low experience given by it doesn't seem worth all the work involved in making the creature food. I mean, really, 4k alchemy experience (one of the possible rewards) for someone who is at alchemy level 118 is pretty insignificant. :/

The other daily quests... dung, harvest, and fighting, will be continued though, no problem.

Since last posting though, I have managed to get 7 levels, in 7 different skills. I've also been doing some incredibly heavy harv-stocking, primarily for creature food flower ings, and over 150k BSFs in stock currently even after using a load for blue dyes. The BSFs are primarily for tailoring leveling. Just two more tailoring levels to get all my skills at 40+!

But, anyway, here's the levels collection since last posting, in order I got them:

You advanced to level 102 of harvesting!

Harvesting Level 102

And with a fighting daily:

You advanced to level 112 of defense!

Defense Level 112

Prepping for tailoring by making saltpeter:

You advanced to level 56 of engineering!

Engineering Level 56

Which led to:

You advanced to level 38 of tailoring!

Tailoring Level 38

A double-exp ranging day naturally finds me in the Grubani arena:

You advanced to level 45 of ranging!

Ranging Level 45

More fighting dailies got me close enough to an attack level that I went and trained a bit:

You advanced to level 112 of attack!

Attack Level 112

And finally, a combo of actual crafting along with experience book reading led to:

You advanced to level 68 of crafting!

Crafting Level 68

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