Monday, May 24, 2010

God Changes, and OA, Att, Def Leveling

With less playing than I used to do, I had to reconsider how I was playing, and the gods I had.

God Switching

I was working with the engineering, crafting, and summoning gods before.

However, I realized that these days I was doing a lot more alchemy again, as my cashflow was getting hit hard by working on sink skills and quests.

Crafting was still being done occasionally, but not enough to warrant keeping the god.

Summoning was pretty much dead. I found myself not really having the time to get up to the gypsum for stone making.

Engineering wasn't being done much either, but due to the high cost of getting that god, I am keeping him until at least level 80.

So I decided to drop the crafting and summoning gods for now. Summoning was the first to go, easily switched to the defense goddess.

Then I spent about 2 days collecting and mixing all the quest ings for the Alchemy goddess (not an easy task, heh). Went close to broke doing that, even mixing and harving everything myself.

But I did it, and the crafting god got switched to alchemy.

So my new god lineup: Engineering, Alchemy, Defense

Level Up

Getting levels in any skill these days is nothing short of miraculous, hehe. All my skills seem to be at that point where it takes quite a long while to get one. Nevertheless, I'm managing to pop out a few.

Been doing a load of alchemy, which is at a level so high that all the alching I've done since my last entry still hasn't brought me a new level. But daily quests and actually doing some training on desert chims has made me hit some fighting levels at least.

You advanced to level 113 of defense!

Defense Level 113

Followed by...

You advanced to level 113 of attack!

Attack Level 113

And a final payoff:

Your overall level is now 145!

Overall Level 145


Book Reading

I'd been mostly reading crafting experience books, to help push that skill and get extra use of the crafting god.

But I needed to get back to reading the regular knowledge books. Reading all of those is part of my quest to having the ultimate all-rounder character. So I've read 8 more of those in the past week, and plan to do more.

Meanwhile, I've started reading manufacturing experience books until I get a level in it. I don't seem to have time for that skill either, nor the gc to burn helms in school so... yeah.

Current Plans

Now that I've got the Alch goddess back, I desperately need to work on my lack of gc. With that in mind, I'm planning a lot of alching for the purpose of selling for gc.

As well, I plan to continue training, getting use of the defense god. Not sure how long I'll be keeping him so do it while I can.

And as well, my "all skills 40+" goal hasn't been forgotten. Planning some engineering to get the saltpeter made that will be necessary to get two more tailoring levels.

Also, breaking stuff. The new quest, hehe.

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