Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Brief Update...

Had another short period of offline time, but back today, heh.

I made some changes in my path since I last wrote.

1) Focusing on mix skills.

I may go kick chims as a break from mixing and harving, but not planning to do any a/d training for a while. Sometimes as an all-rounder some skills get prioritized over others, and I got a ton I want to do with mix skills. So taking a break from a/d training.

2) Dropped Defense god, took up Manu god.

To go along with my mix focus. I really wanna get the perk that comes with finishing the manu tutorial. In order to get it, I need at least 20 more manu levels, and as well I'm reading a ton of manu books (dragon armor construction) to prepare for it.

3) "Burn found an Animal Removal Stone."

Found one, sold it for 950kgc the same day. Spent the majority of the gc the same day...

a) Bought 30 Archery AP potions (which will take me to the maximum 60 AP when I use them. Waiting for the special day to use them so I might save a few, sell the remains on my bot.)

b) Bought 120kgc worth of manu books.

c) Bought a steel set to eventually degrade and break for the armor breaking quest.

d) Stocked some NPC-only supplies.

In the end, was left with about 100kgc of the 950kgc, 2 hours after getting the gc. :P

All-rounders just can't keep money around, hehe.

I've also killed Lenny about 8 times since my last entry, with hopes that a Lenny achievement had been added. No messages.

But, I haven't logged in yet, and I see that there's new achievements on a server update today. Here's hoping... :P

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