Tuesday, July 31, 2012

130 Alcher, Random Leveling, and More Tasty Pears

Despite the pear hunts that have been occupying my posts of late, I've still been playing "as usual", including a whopper level.

You advanced to level 130 of alchemy!

Alchemy 130

Why that's a whopper... It put me (back) in the top 5 alchemists. As well, even with my reasoning level and alch goddess bonus, it takes 90k+ health essence at this point to get a level (for perspective). I of course don't just do HEs, but a lot of other ess as well. Energy ess are regularly done for stock/magic/engineering, and as well even done low-level stuff like 10k FEs and 10k WEs, both of which barely take a nibble out of the experience needed to level.

The Gods Must Be Crazy...

However, I have plans for other skills. In order to do those plans I need to drop the alch goddess. So I've been doing a lot of late to get alchemy levels before I do that. She is, after all, a bit expensive to just randomly drop and pick up later.

It may be one of the last ones I switch though. Other plans to get Manu and Eng up to level 100 are still being worked on, with plans once that's done to switch to Magic and Summon gods respectively. Alch will eventually switch to Craft god.

No A/D gods? Still no, they're lowest priority. They still get leveled, but mostly from dailies.

Plans for the "no god in game" skills...
1) Harvest - no change, haven't cared about that in a long time, it levels when it levels.
2) Ranging - I want all skills 50+. This one's also very low priority but when I can afford it and a ranging day comes I'll hit the arena to get the 2 more levels needed to hit 50.
3) Tailoring - 7 more levels to hit 50. Slowly working on stocking supplies to burn off in the tailoring school for this, but not rushing.

Alchemy Boost

When bored, or cleaning the apartment or whatever, I've started stocking magic ess ings. Two recent school days had me in Glacmor poofing those for 334 exp per mix. It's given quite a boost for the next alch level. I don't like poofing alch stuff since it can be profitable, but pears have allowed me some extra gc to do things like this. Already over 2/3 of the way towards alch 131 even now, so soon after getting 130.

On top of that, been mixing HEs and other items for other players for just ings+food. That's helped with the boost as well.

Back to Trik

Watching my costs as I haven't been doing as much for profit lately, I continue to mix helms at Trik instead of in the school. I haven't ruled out using the school at times for manu leveling, but plan to do it at Trik to save on costs as much as possible.

Being speed haxed, the trips to him aren't as bad anyway.

And I do this whenever I can afford to stock the leather/thread for it.

You advanced to level 79 of manufacturing!

Manu 79

Other Random Levels

Used a summoning day to (finally) turn in the two sslessar stones for a quest.

You advanced to level 53 of summoning!

Summon 53

And well, daily got me another defense level.

You advanced to level 125 of defense!

Defense 125

Pears R Us

The pear hunts continue, good eating... er, good gc on those. 7 more since last past, including what is the record time in finding one, 1 minute! :-P

Kilaran Field - Entered via SKF, very first branch had the pear, for a 3 minute find.


Hurquin - There was at least 3 of us hunting this one, so the luck was heavy in being the one to find it.


Isla Prima - Simple enough map, though there's some sneaky branches on it.


Naralik Catacombs - A record, 1 minute find! Just happened to be the first map I checked, and in the 3rd harvestable.


Port Anitora - Realized I'd been skipping checking this map. This one took the most pear finders I'd ever used because of that. But finally remembered, and after that it didn't take long to find the right harvestable.


Willowvine Forest - Titanium Cave - Green Day occured on this day. Despite that, I searched for the right map (finders still work) in hopes it would get removed. Sat at a nearby storage and mixed, and when the day got removed, rushed there to find it in minutes.


Grubani Peninsula - Started from the bottom of the map (by the PL ship) and worked my way up since I figured if someone else had determined the map, they'd likely start at the top where most of the harvs are. Finally found it in some poppies.


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