Thursday, July 4, 2013

Exploring Guild Maps II - Bard

Notice: This is just a look at some of the guild maps that have been made for Eternal Lands. This blog provides no secrets.
The entrances to these maps and any secrets to get around them will never be posted, nor will I provide them so don't ask.

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Bard, The Bard's Guild is a very old guild. These days only a very small handful of players are still playing in that guild, and doubtful any of them were involved with the creation of this map.

Guard Bot: No

PK: No. One clearly-marked PK arena so there's no accidentally entering PK areas.

Honestly, I'd have to rate this among one of the duller maps I've explored. Primarily because the overwhelming majority of it is trees. A few rare spots have some open space, almost all of which you can see in the pics below, but you can't really move around anywhere else without dealing with the incredible overkill of trees.

It's not a poorly done map, it just feels overcluttered and very little in the way of variety. Only to go inside buildings to find those only barely decorated, and a few buildings on the map you'd expect to be able to go in are, like Melinis, not accessible.

While I'm sure the trees were intentionally done that way for a "forest" feel, it just doesn't work in this case. I only took a few shots showing the outer map area... if you want to know how the rest looks, picture, well, AA's southwest forest, with more trees.

Anyway, on with the show:

1) Welcome to the jungle (literally) - This is where you appear on entering.


2) Inside the map's sparsely decorated tavern.


3) Here thar be veggies a'growing.


4) Map builder error - Buildings should be at least 20 tiles apart. You can tele-to-range between the houses for this part. Useless in that they're all within a few steps from each other outside.


5) Map builder error 2 - Where the hell is the floor for this place?


6) I thought the last one might just be a glitch, but then I saw this floor in the "guildmaster's home". The GM hasn't been seen in-game in years. I think he may have fell in here, lost forever.


7) And here we come to the obligatory PK arena. Simple but serves its purpose.


8) I see dead people... most of the guild, that is.


9) There's quite a few houses and tents to go into, none particularly special. There's two places you'd expect to be able to enter, but can't, and may have made for a bit more interesting interiors. First, a chapel.


10) and second, this tower.


11) And another field covers another of the rare open tree-free spots.


12) Oh something different, a circle of tents.


13) The tents have the same spacing issue as the houses on the inside. Worse, they're completely empty.


14) And finally, this small area was accessible via a cave path. Problem is, there's no reasoning as to why it's separated from the rest of the map, nothing different or unusual about it compared to the rest of the map. Seems like it was done just for the sake of putting a cave somewhere.


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  1. Thanks for your review of the Bard guild map :)

    The map was a little bit of a "work in progress" and quite a few improvements were planned. Unfortunately the guild master (and map maker) had a aneurysm and hasn't been able to play since... :(

    There's no active Bard guild any more, but you can sometimes bump into Asmodean & Terrier who are probably the last active ex-bards...

    Anyway, the map may not be very interesting, but the PK arena is normally quiet ;)

    Terrier (The ex-Bard)


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