Wednesday, November 5, 2014

No More Guild Maps...

Up until now, I'd been posting my travels through many guild maps that I'd found. All were found through my own hunting, only one actually being told to me (and well, most everyone knew about certain easy-to-find ones).

There were quite a few more that I knew about but just hadn't written up. In fact, only about 6 or so that I hadn't found.

A change has happened now though, as I've been included in the mapmaking process preparing for the coming client release. With that, I've been given access to everything map-wise, which means I have direct access to knowledge of the entrances and how to get around all these maps that I didn't have until now.

And with that knowledge, any further posting of guild maps, even for the ones I already knew, could be construed as abuse of that new knowledge.

So while the days of doing guild map explorations are over for me, good news comes with it in that I'm now able to assist in both cleaning up the maps to make them better, and add new stuff and locations for the next release.

(No, I can't say what... hehe.)

And I think that's probably the best reason possible to end my exploration entries.

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