Monday, November 17, 2014

Not-Quite Gameplay Pause...

Not really sure what to call this.

I currently go in the game in the mornings to do my dailies, then log back out.

But I'm also not away from the game just from logging out, as I've been spending a lot of what free time I have working on the maps.

So... I'm in EL but not in EL at the same time. I log in randomly at other times, but that's normally just to check something live on a map that may need fixing, or discuss something with a dev.

Thus no real updates here for the time being, as I'm not really playing, and what I am doing I can't discuss.

Nothing more than I've been heavily scanning every single map, fixing the multitude of walkable tile issues throughout each, and probably still missing a lot. But the maps should definitely be improved from this, making them much easier to click around to move without so many unwalkable locations that you'd click on and it wouldn't start you moving.

And other random fixes of the maps.

And both Acelon and I have been building some new places. That's the part I can't talk about, what they are... just some "new places" will be coming.

When's the release? We still don't have a set date on that. The maps will need to be tested, and the stuff we're working on finished. I'm hoping we'll see the testing phase by the start of December, but that's just a hope.

Meanwhile, as long as there's others still unfinished, I'll continue working on fixing stuff, and if I see there's time build new stuff. So the waiting won't be completely in vain, heh.

Personally just looking forward to the testing phase, to see how all the new stuff turns out when viewed live in the game. Can only get so much of a feel of it from the map editor.

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