Friday, January 21, 2011

Eng level, Quests, Lenny, and Such

Gotten a bit done in-game of late, though I've been off more than on...

1) Quests ... finished the medallion quest, and gotten a start on the latest Novac critters. 4 of the 5 have been kicked, only 1 to go on that.

2) Helped Lenny kick the bucket twice while out hunting Novac critters. ;)

3) Found a new Joker location in the process as well to add to my limited list of those.

4) Got an Engineering level, mostly from Eng dailies and as well exp from finishing the above-mentioned quest. (Screenshot not available unfortunately.)

Most of my time has been working on Alchemy. Tons and tons of health essies as well as energy essies when I have the iron. Down to just 1.7 million exp needed for an alch level now, which isn't bad considering the full level is about 6.4 million exp! Focusing on getting ings and bones for mixing the essies rather than gc.

Though I've kept some essies stocked on my bot for sale for gc... had to buy some more books, and will need to again before the week is up.

Continuing to do dailies, attempting to finish the latest Novac, hopefully finally break my damaged iron greaves (gah!), and mix-mania for alch leveling.

Latest status update, done. ;)

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