Saturday, January 8, 2011

Eternal Alchemist...

Been off and on a lot of late, but still regularly playing.

Seem to have gained a primary focus on alchemy, even though it's the hardest skill for me to level these days. (Takes about 65k HEs to get a level, for example. With goddess.)

Been pumping out essies like a madman, trading them for various ings, pumping out more.

HEs and EnEs being the primary ones since they go fast. Matter, Life, and even Death essies to a smaller extent.

Yeah, bars give more exp, but getting the ings can take more time. I trade essies for whatever essie ings I can get and mix those instead.

To good work... Just got Alchemy level 122 yesterday. (Sorry, no screenie.)

Got more plans that will see to more alchemy exp (and even exp in other skills) in the near future. Whatever that can be done to reduce the amount of time spent harving ings.

GC is not a priority in this, trading primarily for ings. However, I do still sell some essies on my bot to keep some gc coming in. Still have to buy things like books. Less than 40 left to read!

BTW... I am not a heavy chatter. I have a select few people I normally talk to, and of course my fellow moderators. Otherwise I'm heavily occupied trying to actually play when I have time. I do not have time to play "500 questions" with anyone. Just because I write this blog doesn't mean I want to sit and chat about it all day, every day. If you have comments on a post, there's a means of posting those here. I have had to take to ignoring people who constantly pester me about this in-game. Which could be detrimental to such people should they actually need me for a moderator issue.

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