Sunday, December 15, 2013

Summoning My Inner Crafter, Among Other Things

Besides hitting my Alchemy goal of level 140, been quite busy with other stuff.
Did a brief run of more pear hunting recently, just for a change of pace. Found every pear during that period that I hunted for with the exception of one that was determined to be unreachable. Brought my total pears found count up to 522.

All 3 Redeemer Perks

With finally getting the No Hope perk, I now have all three of the perks currently offered by Redeemer.

No Hope Perk from Redeemer

Changing of the Gods

As mentioned in a previous post, after reaching Manu 100 I switched to the Summon God, killing the Defense god in the process as well.

Since then, I replaced Defense with Potion Goddess.

After reaching my Alchemy goal, I switched that to the Crafting God.

So the final result, where I had Alchemy-Manu-Defense before, I now have: Crafting, Potion, Summoning

This is going to make for a big change to how I used to play...

Starting the Summoning God

Summoning has been the heaviest worked on lately. While Tiger Stones are of course the best option for higher-level leveling, Furs are scarce unless you go collect them yourself.

I've bought what I could find, and I've even hit the triple spawn in NRM at times to collect. But I've realized that the best thing I could do is work on some Spider Stones as well.

Why? They require thread, which is easily stocked buying from the NPC in EVTR.

So my current plan is to continue work on stocking up White Tiger Furs, but save them for Summon Days. Mix Spider Stones on non-summon days in the meantime, both to keep gc flowing and so I'm not limiting my leveling to just that special day.

The combo of spider and tiger stones seems to be working so far.

Since taking the Summon god, I've made another 5 summon levels. That included mixing what tiger furs I had on a summon day along with mixing spider stones at the gypsum on normal days.

You advanced to level 62-66 of summoning!

Summoning 66

While mixing the tiger stones before that...

Your overall level is now 167!

Overall 167

Starting Up the Crafting God 

The Potion Goddess has yet to provide a level, mainly because I've not mixed much and it's still new. I have mixed quite a few SRs, as well as the MoPs needed for the Potion Goddess quest, and about 520 creature food for my personal use. Still not enough to level, though.

Crafting on the other hand is off to a start, gaining 2 levels from a combo of mixing rings for personal use (I eat them like candy), and tossing out pol sap ings in the school on school days. That's led to 2 levels so far, and a third is close.

You advanced to level 73-74 of crafting!

Crafting 74

Currently stocking for a full school days' worth of polished saps. After which, I should be able to switch to blank paper for much better experience. Testing at current levels, I deemed it not worth it to try yet, but close.

All Those Other Skills

While my current plans consist primarily of working on summoning and crafting, other skills do not remain ignored.

Ranging 68 - On a recent ranging day, I got level 68 and am very close to 69. (No screenie available.)

Engineering - Any amber I stock up continues to be used in the school to level this skill. I don't take advantage of the full 6 hours for this reason of an Engineering day, but when those days appear I'll use up whatever supplies I have.

On the last Engineering day, that led to 3 levels.

You advanced to level 108-110 of engineering!

Engineering 110

Defense - I continue to do dailies for a/d, but haven't focused on any training of late. I did take advantage of a Sun Tzu since I was close to leveling defense at the time.

You advanced to level 136 of defense!

Defense 136

Harvesting - Hasn't been focused on since level 100, just whenever I happen to level it. Got surprised by this level since I wasn't paying attention to it.

You advanced to level 119 of harvesting!

Harvesting 119

That's All Folks...

Current plans:
1- Continue mixing summon stones
2- Stock pol sap ings for a school day
3- Stock TF ings for engineering that are enough to mix the amber I have
4- Heavy stocking/mixing of LEs and SRs for summoning

And when I'm bored and my astro is red, go out and continue trying to break stuff I need to break for quests.
For the first weapon break quest, I only have Dragon Blade left.
For the "newbie" armor break, I have leather torso and helm left.
For the first normal armor break quest, only the tit helm remains.

Close but no cigar for all 3 of those.

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