Monday, April 20, 2015

No Responses to Invdrag or Pear PMs

For some reason, far too many people got it in their heads that I'm the "go-to" guy for Invdrag quesions, comments, and so on.

I'm not. The number of PMs I get regularly from an I-quit-counting number of people has grown tiring. The problem was that I was responding for a long time. The solution was to stop responding to anything even remotely related to it.

So regardless of who you are, my days of being the answer guy about this thing are over. I've provided all the info I will provide. If I choose to provide more, it will be on the wiki page for it.

These are my "official" responses to the most common things PMed me:

1. Are they both dead?

This wonderful question gets asked at all times of the day, and is by far the primary one asked.

My answer: I don't know.

There's a delusion in this question that I somehow know this. I have woken up to 5-6 people PMing me asking me this, so even in my sleep I'm somehow aware.

I wish.

Reality check: That whining about having to go hunt "only to find dead ones" and such is the EXACT same thing I have to do when I hunt. It's not something special or unique to you.

The difference is I eventually find one or more that's alive because I don't just give up because of that. A dead one? Hmmm, what info can I gather from that, and improve later hunts? Nothing? Oh, there's a second one, I'll go look for it.

I do on very rare chance end up knowing that both are dead? That's the best info. However, it's an incredibly rare time that I actually know that for certain.

The point is: By asking me this, you're expecting to gain knowledge based on my work. My time, my effort, my resources. Instead of looking yourself.

That's just lazy, and I've tired of the lazy acting like I'm some partner. If you want the answer to this, go look for yourself. Chances are that I have no idea anyway.

2. You're hunting, so I'll give up.

I'm not responsible for your gameplay. I have no special knowledge, and my chances of finding one alive are just as equal as yours.

If you give up just because I'm looking, that's fucking sad on your part. And I don't want to know, nor do I care. That's your problem, you give up too easily.

People who do this are a big reason why I do end up finding so many, I don't give up that easily.

3. What maps have you found them on?

Various maps. Limiting yourself to known maps (ones posted in channel 6 or such) is going to make it all that more difficult for you.

I'm not the only regular hunter, there are several others. And guess exactly which maps I always see them on?

Chances are because I didn't focus on just those maps that I now know more maps than others. That's my advantage, out of sheer determination. Still I highly doubt I know every map it'll appear on.

Make it your advantage by hunting yourself.

My hunting means nothing to you. I can find one every hour some days, others I can go 4-5 hours without spotting a single one, dead or alive. Welcome to the nature of randomness, and I'm not in the game to help you with something that's just as much a problem for me as it is you.

Go hunt for yourself. From now on I'm giving the same help that I get... none.

And I'm perfectly fine with that.

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