Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Some New Stuff in (coming) 1.9.4

Okay, people keep pestering me, so I'll give *some* info on new stuff that's coming, but not all.

* Dragon Island - A new island about the size of IotF, where dragons roam free. Single combat, and all 4 dragons are represented. Some secret insides include the introduction of spawns for little dragons, pink and blue.

* The Waveneck Challenge - A new entrance inside Waveneck Caves leads to the challenge corridors. Uses 1 rosto to get in. As you walk through the challenge corridor, critters of increasing difficulty and/or number appear. Kill everything and make it to the end and you get your rosto back along with an added bonus.

* Leprechaun homeland - Ever wondered where those leprechauns actually come from? It's a secret land, and can now be found. (A game involving their gold is being planned for later addition.)

* A second Hydro Home - Due to complaints about there being only one place to harvest it, a second location for hydro has been added. This one has no PK! However, it has of course been made difficult in other ways. It's up to you to figure out which is worse. And up to you to find it... several secrets along the path including where the path starts. And I don't give away secrets. ;-)

There are a good dozen other additions, large and small, but that's a taste of what's to come.

If you're one of the smart ones who has grabbed the Release Candidate, you can use it and hop onto the Test server to start hunting out some of these places!

(Pssst... Note the date at the top. Yes, this was April Fool's nonsense. There are, however, a LOT of new additions and updates coming very soon. Just not these.)

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