Friday, April 2, 2010

Sun Tzu Brings Attack 111

Twas a longer day in game yesterday, since a combo of bad weather and low cashflow kept me home, hehe.

Spent several hours kicking Desert Chims in Melinis for Sun Tzu. Was working on harving coal for silver bars for a crafting project, but I hadn't had the chance to take advantage of Sun Tzu in over 2 months so went for it.

You advanced to level 111 of attack!

Attack Level 111

Sweet, goes well with the Defense 111 I got two days before, hehe.

This morning, woke up way too early and my brain was mush so couldn't do anything more than grind and harv which can be done without the requirement of thought, hehe.

Woke up just in time for 3 hours of Robin Tell day. Double ranging experience... takes close to 2.5 hours to shoot off a full mule load of bolts, so I did that. Got more than half a ranging level in that time, and should hit my next level next time I do another mule load of bolts.

As I said, working on a crafting project now. Motherload of moon medallions for leveling (and gc). Got all the ings I need except the silver for the silver bars, so I'm mixing bars at the silver now. Need to make about 4,275 silver bars for this particular project. Combo of this and reading exp books should get me at least 2 more crafting levels by the time I'm done.

After that, well, um, this crafting thing will take a while so I'll plan that later, hehe. But I do wanna get some engineering done soon, put that Eng god to use since I have him.

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