Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Attack and Overall, Oh My!

Got the S2Es finished. Halfway to another nexus.

Got some potting done for gc though I still need to do more... got the ings for more just need to mix them.

Got all the essies I need for 500 mana drains and 500 radiation shields done, except about 1k AEs that I have ings for and am mixing as I type this, hehe.

But the last two days has been about changes of plans, just like before with the double manu.

That plan change was getting out and hitting some chims. Spent 4-5 hours per day last two days kicking those suckers. And it paid off... yesterday:

You advanced to level 106 of attack!

Attack Level 106

And today...

Your overall level is now 139!

Overall Level 139

EME drop from one of those last chims too, hehe.

Anyway, that was a "wraith visit" level, having 2 pickpoints to put on something. Considering my all-rounder status I'm going with rationality since, well, I'm already 48/48 p/c for the emu.

That's enough chims for a while, back to mixer mode for me.

Finishing up my AEs, then a mix of:

- Potions for gc
- stock some HEs
- Kick 500 grizzlies (MD+rad shield)
- 9k LEs for another summon level's worth of bear stones
- get 3rd of 4 S2E batches done for next nexus

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