Sunday, November 22, 2009

High Levels and Bar Mania

Been reading more of the Crafting experience books. Last one got me to within 12k of a level. Won't read a book for that though, need to occasionally get in one of the normal books so I'm doing a couple of those now.

Been doing a lot of potioning, both for gc and stocking SRs for summoning stones.

You advanced to level 104 of potion!

Potion Level 104

Don't normally hang out at MM storage these days... had a sale there and just decided not to move back to Naralik.

Got all but about 500 of the bars done that are needed to make my final batch of S2Es for this latest buy-nexus project. Finish those tonight, maybe the S2Es themselves as well depending on my astro.

Then it's once again time for hydro runs... whenever I feel like getting to them, and as always never announced here when I'll end up doing them. ;)

Those have been my two "big things" since my last entry, potting and S2E bars. Also bought some more Archery AP pots... with the ones I have in storage I'll be up to AP 20 when I use them. Waiting for a reconstruction day to use them since I'm in no rush, with hopes I'll save some gc by getting them to work more than once, heh.

Hmmm.... yeah, that's it.

Next plans after finishing the S2Es:
- bear stones for a summon level (need to make the LEs first)
- essies for 500 mana drains and radiation shields (another bout with the grizzlies)
- tailoring level (all skills 35+! will also likely mean an engineering level as well)

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