Sunday, November 1, 2009

School Day, Good Old Golden Manu Day

Plans can change... even though I note in entries stuff that I'm planning to do next, I don't always end up following that.

Yesterday was supposed to be iron/bars/S2Es and such. Instead, the morning was a Fasting day and I wanted to do the bars mixing at the iron rather than just haul iron to sto.

So I went out and hit some desert chims for a couple hours. Not close enough for a level but just working on it.

Later yesterday was another day of Schools. I'd used all my spare ogre toes/white chans during the previous school day only a few days ago, so I decided to throw away a chunk of gc and do some manu levels instead... something I definitely wasn't planning to do.

You advanced to level 67 of manufacturing!

Manufacturing Level 67

And apparently Radu wanted to see the large number of people who were tossing money into the school gc sink, as can be seen in this next one:

You advanced to level 68 of manufacturing!

Manufacturing Level 68

Nice, 2 more levels in a skill I still rarely work on these days.

Anyway, went back to the S2E work. Between last night and this morning I got all the bars made for the S2E batch. Saving actually making the S2Es for when my astro goes back up but they're essentially done.

Need to get some potioning done, for the gc. Esp. after the huge chunk of gc I threw at the school yesterday.

And need to get essies for 500 more mana drains and radiation shields done...

An all-rounders work is never done ;)

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