Monday, November 16, 2009

Here Thar Be Ranging Levels!

Plans change... I say that a lot. ;) Actually did start to work on my plans from last post.

I got the essies done and mana drained 500 more grizzlies with 500 radiation shields. That's not enought for a level anymore, but not aiming for a full level when I do that anymore. Not doing more than 500 at once since just that takes quite a while.

I got sapphires polished, got the FEs and coal needed to make bars for 700 moon medallions. Started the silver bars this morning mixing at harv, about 5k silver away from being able to mix the rest at storage.

Off the planned path, I spent several hours kicking desert chims on a Day of the Dead. Not quite Sun Tzu, but better than a normal day since it means less time waiting for a respawn and catching the respawn.

You advanced to level 107 of defense!

Defense Level 107

That was yesterday.

Today, as I said worked on the silver bars this morning, but then we got a random Robin Tell day.

Now honestly, I'm not quite rolling in gc at the moment and seriously considered skipping it because of that... but the inner power-leveler in me couldn't resist.

Especially since I knew I'd get a level with my first 2k+ mule load of bolts at the arena. :P

You advanced to level 40 of ranging!

Ranging Level 40

But that wasn't enough... I still had time in the day for another full mule load of bolts, so I did that.

And ran out of ammo only minutes before the end of the day.

With only about 3.5k experience needed for another level. That would annoy the hell outta me if I left it that way, so I did something I hadn't done in a long time... ranging outside of the arena. Heh, Egratia Point specifically since there's rarely people training there and plenty of targets.


You advanced to level 41 of ranging!

Ranging Level 41

Sweeeeeeet. Two ranging levels in one day. Not bad considering I'm in the 40s levels now.

Anyway, guess it's time to get back to plans. Same as previous entry... the moon medallions are priority (need the gc), then some potting for gc, then... eh, whatever I wrote before. Those two alone will take a while, esp. the potting part, hehe.

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