Saturday, November 28, 2009

Overdose of Chims

Got a bit carried away, don't normally spend as much time as I did this morning a/d training (not counting Sun Tzu), but I did it anyway...

You advanced to level 108 of defense!

Defense Level 108

You advanced to level 108 of attack!

Attack Level 108

I pulled the session stats up for the screenies to see where I was at that point. The session time started just before attacking the first chim once I had it and the fluff back on their spawns.

As can be seen, 34% more attack than defense experience, so my "iron sword" use on the chim (with 1 diss) and the fluff (no diss) worked as planned.

Also tells me I could drop the attack god and still get about 14% more attack experience that way if needed.

I'm down to about 468k experience difference that defense is ahead of attack. Once that gets caught up I'll no longer concern myself with it.

As well, I may drop Attack god at that point. For what, I dunno yet. Need to recheck my god situation. Will keep attack god until I have a plan, of course.

Offline most of the afternoon, and semi-afk since I got back online so I'm only doing semi-afk harving. Coal specifically, for my next S2E batch.

Try and get some mixing done later, need to get 2k magic and 3k air essies done.

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