Monday, December 7, 2009

Manu Top 50! And a God Switch

Did a god switch yesterday. After a couple hours with the chims, my attack got up to where it was almost even with my defense experience-wise.

So I dropped the Attack god, and got Summoning. That and Animal 5 Nexus are assuring me I'll see the gypsum a lot in my future.

But if it'll save me some of the pain of mixing stones there with extra experience, it's worth the god switch.

Also been mixing my iron/steel bars for next S2E batch. And even ranged some for the first time for a Bethel invasion. Dunno if I'll make that a habit though, I kinda prefer global invasions.

But the biggie of yesterday was a School Day. Burned a lot of gc for it when I hauled a motherload of leather and thread as a mule to poof away as helms in the manu school.

You advanced to level 69 of manufacturing!

Manufacturing Level 69

You advanced to level 70 of manufacturing!

Manufacturing Level 70

You advanced to level 71 of manufacturing!

Manufacturing Level 71

Sweetness :P Though I was kinda wishing at this point I'd taken the Manu god a while before moving to the Summoning god, hehe.

But that makes the 6th skill I'm in the top 50 ranks for. \o/

Somehow doubt I'll ever make top 50 for attack and defense, but I can certainly try to get all the others up there, hehe.

Anyway, today is back to the steel bars for S2Es. And some LEs since I'm gonna be needing motherloads of those. And hopefully finish off my round of mana drains and radiation shields of 500 grizzlies, still got about 150 more of those to do.

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