Thursday, December 3, 2009

Top 50 Engineer and Contest Winner!

Been too busy to write here of late, so time to play "catch up".

1) Getting saltpeter (and of course the ashes for it) mixed for my next tailor level brought me up a notch in Engineering.

You advanced to level 50 of engineering!

Engineering Level 50

5th skill that I'm in the top 50 ranks for (pot, alch, range, tailor, eng)!

2) Leonard died at my hands twice since my last post.

3) I'm rich! Sorta, hehe. Two new quests were implemented. One the second Novac quest, the other a hidden one that started on an already-implemented NPC.

A contest was set up by Radu, 200kgc to whoever finished the Novac one first, and 50kgc to whoever finished the other one first.

I ended up putting aside everything to do these two quests. Most of the time was spent on the Novac one. By evening of the first night, I'd found 4 of the 5 critters that you had to find. Not easy!

But by evening, noone had even found the NPC to start the other quest. So Radu offered 6 binding stones to the first to find it.

I found it in about 15 minutes. I just hadn't looked for it before. I also happened to be in Palon Vertas hunting the final critter of the Novac quest, so I started by checking those NPCs as I looked for the critter.

So I got the 6 binding stones.

After which, I started that quest. But it was late and I was tired so went to bed, thinking I could easily win all 250kgc if I kept playing, but couldn't.

Fortunately when I woke up, only 1-2 other people had found the NPC. I ended up speeding my way through that quest as quickly as possible, winning the 50kgc for being first to do it.

Went straight after that back to hunting the final critter for the Novac quest. After hours of searching, found it in EVTR just as I was leaving that map to check another.

(Note: The critters in the second Novac quest can respawn when killed on any map, so my mentioning that map isn't a spoiler. Only random chance it will appear there again.)

So I won the 200kgc prize for that too.

Total winnings: 250kgc + 6 binding stones \o/

4) Outside of that, been mixing essies, particularly those needed for my next round of mana drain and radiation shield magic training on bears. As well, stockpiling HEs (and some to sell on my bot).

5) Crafting ... still reading experience books for this skill. I also just finished doing a full stock of C1 rings for personal use as they were running low.

Got myself up to crafting level 55 now. No screenie because I was actually kicking a chim when a book finished and gave me the level, caught me by surprise.

5) Archery AP - On a reconstruction day, I used the 8 Archery AP potions I'd stockpiled in storage waiting for this day. Unfortunately didn't get any extras out of it. But it brought my Archery AP up to 20. 40 more to go...

6) A/D training - Between experience gained in the quests above, and some random training (nowhere near as long as the time in my last post), I'm down to only a 235k experience difference that defense is ahead of attack.

Which means I'm looking at gods as I make plans to drop the Attack god when it reaches a 0 difference.

7) Gods - I've decided that once the diff in a/d experience reaches 0, I'll drop the Attack god for Summoning. This will be the first time (since my reset in 2008 to remove godless) that I'll not have either the att or def god. But I need more experience in other skills.

And even though I've been doing an occasional summoning level, I've been waiting to get the god to really put my 5 animal nexus to use.

So I'll have summoning, magic, and engineering gods. Obviously due to cost I'll be keeping the eng god for some time to come. The next to change will be the magic god, but not until at least 10 more magic levels.

8) Nexus buying - I did my hydro runs and got the bars mixed to have enough to buy another nexus. However I'm realising two points:

- I'm forever low on gc
- I'm not in THAT big a rush to get the remaining nexus

So I've decided to just sell the bars for gc. Already starting my first batch of S2Es that will definitely be used for a nexus buy, but this could help with my gc issues in a big way.

Granted, I just won 250kgc, but the way I am going through books and gc sinks, that won't last long, hehe.

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