Friday, December 25, 2009

Top 10 Alchemist!

You advanced to level 116 of alchemy!

Alchemy Level 116

And with that, I moved up into the top 10 alchemists! \o/

That was yesterday evening, prior to a second invasion I actually participated in.

The night before, there was a 2x ranging day. It was getting late so I only stayed on for one mule load's worth of bolts. Still...

You advanced to level 43 of ranging!

Ranging Level 43

Obviously a lot of my time was spent alching since my last post, working up that alch level (and well, "for the gc" as I have been once again low on it).

But there was some time continuing the hunt for a final quest item for the last of the 4 newest quests that I haven't finished.

And as previously mentioned, I participated in two invasions. Nice to not be Bethel, and not be told every detail in advance. Invasions of late have lacked the element of surprise, and even the lack of being spread out to allow for the joy of hunting down mobs.

I personally find no fun in the Bethel invasions. I know some others do, and I don't want to deny them that, but we really do need more spread out invasions between the constant Bethel ones.

Invasions shouldn't be fully planned out and known in exact detail what's going to happen in advance. That's boring, and no different than normal game play. The opposite of exciting, which is what invasions used to be.

And then last night when an invasion was starting, channel 6 suddenly got filled with a dozen people asking for exact specifics of what was going to be placed where. Damn morons have completely lost grasp of the fun invasions used to be. I don't care the reason, it's an invasion, it's an "uncontrolled change of pace", and people don't have the right to know the exact details of what's going to happen. You're told maps you can be safe on, and that's all you need to know until the invasion actually happens.

But I digress. Spent time hunting down where the monsters were invading, and got quite a many on my own.

Like multi-sslessars in Irsis:

Sslessar Invaders

And extreme multi-feros and white tigers:

Feros Invaders

And yes, during the course of those invasions I lost a couple bricks. I lose none to Bethel invasions because they bore me, so I don't participate at all.

Besides, losing a brick in a Bethel invasion for me means losing one due to extreme resyncing. If I'm going to die, I want it to be on my own (lack of) merits, not because the client is constantly resyncing with the server and I can't see when I'm supposed to heal or even what's attacking me.

Anyway, that's it for now. Taking advantage of a 3x harv day now that I woke up to. Then... eh, not sure. Really do need to get several k of WEs made, maybe I'll finally get around to that.

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