Thursday, December 31, 2009

God change, OA 142, and 5th 100+ Skill!

Just been too preoccupied to write of late. Just a temporary thing.

Time to play catch-up...

The two biggest things:

You advanced to level 100 of harvesting!

Harvesting Level 100

5th 100+ skill! \o/

Your overall level is now 142!

Overall Level 142

And I wasn't kicking chims when it happened, hehe.

Other Levels...

You advanced to level 46 of summoning!

Summoning Level 46

You advanced to level 54 of engineering!

Engineering Level 54

You advanced to level 36 of tailoring!

Tailoring Level 36


Lenny and Invasions and Quests

Got Leonard twice, both times in Palon Vertas after having almost walked into him while harving coal.

Participated in the global (well, multi-map at least) invasions. The only kind I participate in these days. Well, hidden ones are fun too, if just for trying to find the invaders...

Two new quests with a server update yesterday... both done. Back to only needing to kill off the ice dragon for the first Novac quest to have all quests done.

God Change

Even with the new "Day of Magic" or whatever it's called, I was just tiring of trying to level magic, needed a break from the constant essie mixing and bear kicking.

So I switched magic for the Crafting god. Means I got a lot of WEs to make (bleh), but it's a change of pace.

May still work on magic, besides normal use, but not in the near future. I really don't "need" a higher level than I have now, though it would be nice to have. We'll see...

Priority Increase - Archery AP

Decided to get my Archery AP up to the maximum 60 as soon as possible. Been slowly adding to it, but thinking to work on more gc now to buy the potions faster. I do all my range training in the arena now, so killing off "training" critters to quick isn't an issue anymore.

It will, however, help with killing off larger creatures during invasions and such.

Anyway, that's the update. Not feeling too well, so I'm off...

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