Thursday, December 10, 2009

Mmmm, Finally an OA and Then Some

Had a 3-fer day two days ago:

You advanced to level 51 of engineering!

Engineering Level 51

I'd actually done a few H/D Indicator runs mixed in bag at the turqoise to get harv points as well, finished off the level with saltpeter for later tailoring use.

Knowing I wasn't far from an OA, I went Desert Chim kicking for several hours, taking pauses to ensure I got harv points in...

You advanced to level 99 of harvesting!

Harvesting Level 99

One more level and I can become a moderator! Er.... hmmm.. okay, 1 more level to have my 5th 100+ skill, heh.

And of course, more time on the chims to finish off:

Your overall level is now 141!

Overall Level 141

Sweet, a wraith-visit OA as it gave me 2 pickpoints to play with.

And a visit I did.

Rest of the day, and part of yesterday, was spent on stocking ings for SRs as well as mixing some.

Yesterday saw mostly harving as I was preoccupied. Got all the coal needed for another batch of S2Es, harved suns and BSFs, got some more SR mixing and LE mixing done...

Last night I started my gypsum runs, bagmixing bear stones there and that's where I'm at this morning.

Today's goals:
- Finish summoning level with bear stones
- Restock my EnEs
- Restock my MatEs
- Ummmm... and whatever, heh

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