Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Attack, the S2E, and the Books

No Grief day yesterday. Took advantage of it to get my attack level up to 83, tied again with defense. With attack god, my attack will most likely pass my defense soon.

Decided on the S2E route for extra gc. Made 100 S2Es and sold them almost instantly. That pretty much covered most of yesterday.

This morning was spent thus far in yet another invasion. I like an occasional invasion, but lately it's just gotten to be way too much, almost on a daily basis. "Too much of a good thing" makes a bad thing. I don't even bother participating most of the time anymore, it gets tiring and leads to nothing else getting done.

And now, almost half the gc I made on the S2Es is gone. Bought books for the new Attack and Defense reduction potions. As well, 4 each of red and black dragon scales so I'd have some once they're read. Really dunno at this point if these pots will even take off. If previous new pots are any indication, I probably just wasted a bunch of gc.

But... gotta try at least. I'm an all-rounder, and a high-level potter, so this fits in with my gameplay.

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