Sunday, February 8, 2009

So I'm Starting to Craft Again

Left the comp on again last night, and got my mule shapeshifting up to level 5.

And I did it, I killed off the manu god and took up the crafting god.

Crafting, despite having more levels in it than tailoring/ranging, is currently my weakest skill compared to the "low top 50" players of each skill. Tailoring and Ranging both have lower "top levels" than other skills anyway due to cost involved leveling them (and massive amounts of time for ranging).

At any rate, now I'll be looking to polishing saps and making moon medallions and such, rather than mixing leather helms at Trik.

For starters, yesterday I did a project to make 300 moon medallions from scratch, including making FEs and bars. That turned out to be a disaster, as after losing ings while making silver medallions and then moon medallions, I ended up with just over 250 moon medallions.

I forgot what it was like to work in a skill where my level is so low, having been alching and potting so much the past few months. Looking forward to rectifying that situation, the lost ings this time were appalling.

Granted, I also had a very bad fail astro at the time. But I'm inclined to blame it more on my low skill level.

I dread going through this again with Engineering. :P

Meanwhile... that little moon medallion project got me up a level to Crafting 34. :)

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