Monday, October 12, 2009

The Summoner. The Mage. The Levels.

Spent quite a bit of time yesterday on the bears, mana draining and spitting out radiation shields and collecting their furs...

You advanced to level 66 of magic!

Magic Level 66

And yes, all I'm wearing in that pic is a tunic and mod cape. Bears barely touch me so armor isn't needed, and I kill them quick. It really is just magic training and fur collecting.

Also I'm testing them to see how long I can keep kicking bears without them breaking. ;)

Rest of yesterday was spent mostly harving coal for my S2E bars. Also got the iron bars done mixing at the iron.

This morning I did a few rounds of steel bars, but on realising how good my make rare/fail astro was, I hit the gypsum and stayed there the majority of the day, bagmixing bear stones.

You advanced to level 38 of summoning!

Summoning Level 38

Grabbed 2 more archery AP pots while I was selling off the bear stones, slowly working my way on those up to the 60 maximum. With these I'm up to Archery AP: 7.

Not really in a rush to max that out, just grabbing a few pots when I can and slowly working it up.

Things 2 do: Well, gc is starting to look like it's gonna be an issue again. So I gotta blend in a bit of gc-making in the near future. But as it stands...

1- Finish bars/S2Es for nexus (working on as I type this)
2- hydro runs - hydro bar mixing - buy nexus (as always, won't indicate when I'm gonna do the runs, heh)
3- Make some GC! Stock my bot with essies, whatever it takes...
4- 500 more bears to mana drain + rad shield (hellbent on getting rid of magic god as quick as possible)
5- Mix indicators for eng 45
6- Get a manu level... OMG, leather helms!

The fun never stops! :P

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