Saturday, October 17, 2009

Cool Harv Level Screenie, and Helms Do the Trik

Been a bit ill last two days, so I've been out of the game for quite a bit, playing only when I got sick of lying around and had to get up and "do something".

Still managed to get a few things done though.

1) Turned my hydro ore into bars, and am now the proud owner of Artificial 5 Nexus, hehe. And of course I felt the urge to put it to use, so I made my very first Titanium Serpent Sword (which sold pretty quick on my bot), as well as Titanium Greave and Cuisses.

2) My harving, despite only occasionally doing it specifically for harv points, managed to get me to a level yesterday morning.

You advanced to level 97 of harvesting!

Harvesting Level 97

Now, WTF is up with the invasion critters? Well, it was Peace Day so nothing would attack, and The Powers That Be decided to dump 2k+ invaders on C2 during that day. So it was a little creepy having all those high-level creatures hanging around me while I harved ogre toes in SRM. :P

3) Did the "leather helms at Trik" thing to finish off my manu level. Hadn't gotten one of those in a long while, especially since I rarely work on it compared to other skills these days. Well, I do plan to continue leveling it, just not focusing heavily on it for now. But it's not forgotten, esp. since I'm working on buying Artificial and Magic Nexus now.

You advanced to level 66 of manufacturing!

Manufacturing Level 66

Been keeping my bot fairly stocked with various essies. Air and Water ones tend to disappear quick, and I can't really keep up on those so they'll probably be sold out most of the time.

Also bought a few more Archery AP potions during my trip to Anitora to buy my nexus, so I got that up to Archery AP: 10. Just 50 more to go, heh.

Right now, I'm still feeling sick so I'm not making any heavy plans for today or even tomorrow. When I feel like being up, I'll be working on the essies for another 500 mana drainings on bears with radiations shields.

And... well, I'll leave it at that since I may not even get those done today.

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