Sunday, October 4, 2009

Still a Little Quiet Here

Been pretty quiet post-wise here, but doesn't mean I've been away.

Spent a lot of time harving and mixing essies for stock. Now I'm back to working on a few goals...

- Got all the essies done for MD-ing 500 bears, and 500 radiation shields in between
- Got some potion flower supplies harved to make a few MoPs that I need
- Got all the FEs done/bought, and over half the coal, for making more bars for my next batch of S2Es

Also working on "transforming" IWannaRock bot. Used to have a lot of potions on it... however, with the recent dropping of the potion goddess, I don't really want to be spending a lot of time potioning just to keep it stocked.

Currently trying out alchemy items... all essies, most bars, that kind of thing. Seeing how that goes. If it works I'll keep that up with at least the best selling things. He'll also buy these items at reasonable prices to help stay stocked (and help lower level alchers who just want a quick sale to be able to work more on leveling).

He'll still have a few potions on him, though mostly experimenting with hard-sell potions. No more SRs and such though. Needing SRs myself too much now for summon stones.

Anyway, the current plan:
- Finish coal harving
- 500 MD-ed bears + rad shields (magic level)
- iron harv/bar mix/S2E mix

May sneak another Engineering level in there somewhere as well, hehe.

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