Friday, October 16, 2009

Hydro Runs, Eng Level, Lots of Essies

Last few days has been mostly alching... finished the bars for S2Es (and mixed the S2Es), and as well did some stock essies of almost all types. Some for self, some for selling on my bot.

This morning, I did my hydro runs. 21 runs and like previous ones saw pretty much noone en route... one person afk in the fluffy cave, and 2 others I saw at the hydro itself. No pkers, or at least noone actually there to pk at least.

To the pkers who like to attack people on hydro runs, just two words: "Ha Ha!"

Anyway, got lots of hydro ores now waiting to be turned into bars and into a new nexus purchase.

Got tired of alching today, after making 1.7k matter and almost 2k energy essies in the Bethel feros cave.

So headed back to Naralik, where I mixed a stock of ashes for eventual saltpeter usage:

You advanced to level 45 of engineering!

Engineering Level 45

Obviously didn't do the whole level on ashes... I had also done a few rounds of H/D indicators bag mixing at the turquoise earlier this week.

Anyway, I think that catches me up. Haven't posted since Monday because not really much happening, just lots and lots of mixing.

Oh, I did spend an hour or so on the desert chims at some point, but wasn't really in the mood for it so didn't for long. Really should do that more on my good astro days, to work on eventually getting off the Attack god. And well, my next OA is a wraith visit one. Mixing my way to it seems... ugh, heh.

Still need to make a bit more gc. Planning to get a manu level soon which means buying leather and thread stock, and I really can't afford that much at the moment. Definitely going to have to use Trik instead of the school this time, to reduce the cost, even if it will take a lot longer.

Current plans:
1- More essie stock, particularly HEs (for me and sell on bot)
2- Mix hydro bars and buy nexus
3- essies to mana drain 500 bears with radiation shields (magic level)
4- leather helms for manu level

And squeeze in some time kicking the DCs to get my a/d up, mostly attack.

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