Tuesday, October 20, 2009

More Tailoring, and Odds and Ends

Spent some time on the grizzlies the other day, 500 of them total. Not enough for a magic level but close. Working on essies now for my next 500, should hit a magic level in the first 100 of those.

Did some random mixing for a Joule day the other night, but really didn't have much in the way of mixing supplies thanks to a Recycling day the night before, so didn't really get much out of that day. :/

Yesterday included a lot of time mixing water essies and eventually blue dyes.

You advanced to level 33 of tailoring!

Tailoring Level 33

Back to work on essies now as said, currently working on AEs. Got almost all the EnEs I needed done in the feros cave yesterday, though had to stop due to a Bethel invasion before completely done.

And a random batch of HEs this morning while harving silver for AEs.

Um... yeah, just been hitting a lot of random stuff due to special days and well, I've been sick so have had to avoid things that take longer to do at times.

Current plans:
- AEs/MagEs/EnEs/MatEs for mana draining and radiation shields
- Kick another 500 bears
- Some potting for gc
- Start first of 4 batches of S2Es for next Nexus purchase (Artificial 6)

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