Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Beautiful Day to Level!

Yesterday, hit about 200 bears with Mana Drain and radiation shields, decided to do some mixing as I couldn't continue to focus on them. Started work on LEs for bear summoning stones.

This morning continued the LE work but... Sun Tzu! During an off-peak hour. Quickly geared up and got to Melinis for a DC spawn, and stayed there for the full 6 hours.

You advanced to level 105 of attack!

Attack Level 105

Followed about 1.5 hours later by...

You advanced to level 106 of defense!

Defense Level 106

Sweet :P

Add to that... when Sun Tzu was over, I had less than 300k experience to go to hit an Overall level.

However, I was quite bored with chim training by that point, decided to get those points via the LEs I still needed to mix (and harv silver for).

So several hours later... (I had to stop and eat in there somewhere, hehe)

Your overall level is now 138!

Overall Level 138

Oh me, oh my! Wooohoo! :D

Now another problem... at that point, I ended up with less than 200k alch experience to go for another alch level!


Considering how hard it is to get an alch level these days, that's just too damn close for my inner power-leveler, so... more mixing! More LEs, then went to restock the HEs I used up during Sun Tzu...

You advanced to level 112 of alchemy!

Alchemy Level 112

\o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ 4 triple-digit levels in one day!

Uhm tired... that's enough for one day, hehe.

Tomorrow I should finish MD-ing bears with rad shields for a magic level, then hit the gypsum for sum stones if my astro is good. If not, start work on the final S2E batch for my next nexus buy.

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